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What to do with the thc crystals in grinder!!!!!...!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by point5grams, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. If im saying this right...hahaha...i know i can but it in a joint but what are some other ways ??? can i make tea?
  2. Rinse the whole thing in iso alcohol, let the alcohol evaporate then smoke the residue.
  3. Collect em over time and press them into kief tablets.
  4. Snort them! :cool:
  5. Scoop it up. Sprinkle it on your keyboard. And use the search function
  6. Sprinkle it on top of a bowl. Then prepare to get fucked up.
  7. Smoke them.
  8. sounds like a plan, I'll see you guys later.
  9. Smoke that shit man. Such a clean high.
  10. most people smoke their keif, but i like to make edibles with it, such little weed taste
  11. [quote name='"GodGaveUsWeed"']Collect em over time and press them into kief tablets.[/quote]

    What is a kief tablet?
  12. [quote name='"point5grams"']

    What is a kief tablet?[/quote]

    Basically you take a bunch of kief and press into tablets for easy storage/smoking.
  13. Smoke them little bitches!
  14. Just press it wit my hands........ Or is there something I have to get... Haha.. I'm new to that kief shit.... Forgive me
  15. OK here are pics to better explain what I meant... I'm a heavy smoker and this is about 7 months of build up with one cleaning....

    Attached Files:

  16. Roll a blunt with shii man!
  17. [quote name='"point5grams"']Just press it wit my hands........ Or is there something I have to get... Haha.. I'm new to that kief shit.... Forgive me[/quote]

    You'll need a pollen press or something. They're only a few bucks
  18. What i'd do is just take a pinch and throw it on top of a bowl. Makes the bowl pack a punch.
  19. Kief....yum my favorite..But the best way to get the thc in your brain would be to pack it in a bowl. But pack it very carefully as such.
    1)Load the bottom of the bowl with some herb( to keep the kief from sucking through)
    2)then load desired amount of kief into bowl.
    3)load more herbs on top of kief so the flame does not directly touch the crystals when you go to smoke it
    4) when you smoke the bowl you wanna corner it making sure not to torch the bowl. you want to get a nice cherry going so you dont have to light it every time ( ultimately this creates a vaporizing effect in the bowl, vaping the kief as the cherry burns across the bowl.
    *the most important thing to remember is not to take flame directly to the kief or you will be burning more thc off than your smoking
    -hope this helps! happy blazing!
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