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What to do with stems...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SsmokeWeed, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. I usually save my stems and end up eating them when I go dry.

    I'm wondering, what are some things to do with these sticky stems that I have just laying around, they're coated in trichomes so I'm most definitely not going to throw them away...
  2. first of all dont eat them, thats a waste, and try doing a search before posting as there are many threads with ideas for what to do with stems
  3. Dude, wtf why would you eat stems? That shit doesn't even get you high. You really that desperate lol
  4. I can never find anything with searching, I did search but everything that came up had nothing to do with what I wanted to find.
  5. Btw, just vape them or make oil.
  6. Not desperate, just nothing to do with them, that's why I'm asking.
  7. if you like tea, make tea wit em
  8. Anyone know how to make iso oil out of stems? How much stem you would need for a good amount? How to make hash out of stems? Etc.
  9. That won't get you high.
  10. Grind/chop them up. Put them in a jar, cover in 91%+ Isopropyl Alcohol; make sure the alcohol is covering the material completely. Put a lid on the jar. And shake vigorously for about a minute.

    Strain into a pyrex dish. You can use a kitchen strainer for this, but I find woman's panty hoes work well. Now you just let all the alcohol evaporate off and scrape off your hash with a razor blade.

    I'm not sure how much you'd need, it depends on how potent your stems are. But I'd think you'd want a couple grams at least.
  11. off the top of my head you can make...

    -vape them

    yea lot of stuff you can do with stems. worth saving them imo :smoking:

  12. This, or just toss them. They're just stems. :rolleyes:
  13. Agreed! Either buy one of those already made plastic tubes or make one, very easy. Then blast it with butane, burn the gas off with hot water, and enjoy the oil! I have been smoking since 1970 and just tried it for the first time, last month. Great for leaves and all the leftovers! I am going to try it with the wild Hungarian weed that grows around the countryside. I already tried smoking it and it will give you a case of the munchies and put you to sleep. Maybe the oil will be better.
  14. Could just be my imagination, but I've had some weed tea before and it's had a relaxing/sleepy effect, though yeah not 100% on whether or not this was psychosomatic.
    It might not be water soluble, but it stands to reason that if boiling water can seperate THC from leaf/bud/whatever matter, it stays in there in some shape or form?
    Though it's probably not absorbed by your body in the same way.
    Long story short, yeah I had some. Nothing prolific, just chilled.

    I would just save stems with nothing to do with them until I made my next butter - I mean if they have trichs on them then they've got at least SOMETHING going for them right?
  15. get a silk screen and make some hash, look it up on youtube.
  16. take your stems and throw them in a jar (make sure to make them about a cm or half inch in size) then put rubbing alcohol in the jar and seal the jar. Swish it around and shake it and all that then let it settle. repeat that process a couple of times (btw the alcohol should be completly covering all the stems throughout the whole process) then use a strainer/coffe filter/pantyhose to strain the stems and seperate the alcohol. have it on a glass dish and let it sit. you can put a small personal fan next to the dish and have it on low and blowing on the dish to help the alcohol evaporate faster. after its fully evaporated you should see a coating of yellow/brownish hash. Scrape it up with a razor or something of that nature and get fucked up :smoking:. Im gonna do that now actually...got about 10g's of stems saved up and i havent really thought of using them until this thread. thanks man!
  17. Make iso oil as others have suggested. Let your stems soak in 91%iso for about a minue or 2. Then pour the liquid in another container (straining out the excess plant matter with a t-shirt or alike) and let it evaporate. The resulting residue will get u high
  18. iso is nice, but if you have enough stems(like 7 grams) you should keif em. keif tastes wayyy better than iso:smoking:

  19. Thanks guys! I'm gonna start saving now! Iso oil sounds super easy :D

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