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What to do with some lightly AVB

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I have about 3gs of some AVB. I'd say it's only lightly been vaped, maybe more tho I really don't know. I'm new to vaping and this is what resulted from the eighter I picked up lol. I want to eat it, but can't be bothered to make it into some recipe. So what can I do that's fast and easy to eat? I don't wanna get like super fucked up to the point where I'm throwing up and shit, so please don't recommend an overdose ! :p

  2. look up how to make nutella firecrackers that's what I do with my avb. Also you can't overdose on weed... You'd have to take probably a 1 gram bong rip with pussy lungs to puke.. Haha

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  3. lol oh I hear shit all the time about people greening out and shit like that, it worries me much more than it should. Especially with how high my tolerance is lol, I've been smoking/vaping just about 4 times a day for a while now
  4. it's possible but I'm like you, I vape like 3x a day. Killed a 1 gram bong hit today and didn't green out. Greening out does happen but not very easily. Don't worry OP

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  5. How many bowls do u pack per sesh? Honestly I don't even remember, but I pack around 2. Maybe 1.5. Which vape do u use bro
  6. currently is in the davinci portable. I for whatever reason don't even get a high tolerance. My friends that smoke half as often as me appear to not get as high. Might be because I inahle all fresh oxygen after, take long, small tokes, and if I don't hold it for very long then I blow half the hit out then re inahle the rest. All while holding my finger over the straw to not waste vape.

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  7. I use not is in sorry bro pretty baked

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  8. easiest method is to put some peanut butter on a toast and mix the avb in the peanut butter. You don't even need to cook it, eat the toast and it gets you high. I've done it several times.
    try with about 1-2g depending on your tolerance

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