What to do with my male?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cotir2005, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I just chopped down my male. I regret it already because I could have used it for pollen or something. Anyway, I posted this in the seasoned tokers hoping that some wise experienced marijuana user could help me. Is there anything that can be done with the rest of this plant. I have trimmed the leaves off at least I could use them for filler if nothing else. But what about making some hemp oil or something. I dont like throwing anything away, and I think just tossing this little boy will be a waste.

    I know most of you are going to say dont smoke it, itll give you a head ache blah blah blah. I would appreciate if you left those posts out because I know there is very little THC.
  2. Best thing you can do is chop it up and use it for compost. As you already know, there is f*** all THC in it.

  3. Um why dont you make your girl wear the male plant as a bikini .
  4. put it down the garbage disposal. 100% gone w/ no evidence left it was ever there at all.
  5. You could put it into a bottle of rubbing alcohol. That is if you want to get some sort of use out of it, otherwise like dude said shove it in the garbage disposer ( it smells so good). Rubbing alcohol is commonly used to rub on achy muscles, bones, arthrirtis. It is an old mexican custom to place the leaves in rubbing alcohol. Fan leaves, all the leaves w/ no THC. It makes the rubbing alcohol 10x more effective. If you know someone who can benefit from this, turn them on, they will love you for it.:smoking:
  6. Shove them into the bottle of rubbing alcohol after 24hrs. or so, its good to go.:smoking:

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