What to do with my hard earned $$$$$

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Apr 28, 2003.



  1. buy zelda

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  2. keep on lookin for some psychadelics

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  3. save it for a rainy day

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  4. use it wisely for things i need

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  5. give to the needy (i am needy)

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  1. I can't decide what to do with my money, I am very bored today and weed isn't an option because I still have a little bit of some bomb ass shit that I got on Friday. I have $60. I was thinking, I could get some shrooms or LSD (TOP CHOICE!!) but I don't have anyone to get them from. Maybe I'll get the new Zelda for gamecube. or maybe ill just save my money for other things i need during the week, like munchies, gas, and school parking passes. i dont get paid until thursday!
  2. find some shrooms dude
  3. Where the hell is the WEED option :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Ok...go for the shroomage
  4. yeah man, definetly keep looking for shrooms..heh, ive got the reverse problem, i know where to get 'em, just dont have the cash.
  5. hello!!!!!!!!! buy some damn acid and trip already!
  6. WELL, i bought zelda.. if i find some shrooms, my friend will loan me the money to trip, im sure of it! zelda is cool btw :)
  7. is gamecube pretty cool? i was thinkin of buying one if they got some good games... does it have good sports games?
  8. buy zelda. hunt for shrooms.
  9. just cause you already have good weed, doesnt mean you shouldnt buy more:D
  10. zelda is a stoner's paradise... i don't have that much fun with it sober though... but while high i can play for hours on end... well, not so much anymore... but when i first got it
  11. "What to do with my hard earned $$$$$"

    i was wondering if you could define "hard earned" ... hehe ... pimpin ho's? stealin' from old ladies?

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