What to do with male plant

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  1. I've been growing this cali blue dream plant outside for about 10 weeks(?), all I know is that I planted it 3 days before Christmas and have been working on it till now. Anyways, I just found out it's a male and I don't know what to do with it.
    Should I just make cannabutter with it or is there something else I could do with it?
    If you need pics I can post some.

  2. make cannabutter or hash. or you can smoke leaves as is but that wont get you that high unless you smoke a lot. personally i recommend hash.
  3. what part of the plant would you use for hash? leaves?

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  4. yup. dont bother with stems/stalk they are useless. but if your plant is strong, all leaves on the plant should have a good amount of thc.
  5. If you have more plants chop it down. If it's all you have leave it til the trichs are mature and use it for hash or blast it for bho. Edibles and tinctures are always an option too.
  6. I'll just trim them now for cannabutter. What's the best way to dry them?
  7. juice it. look up the health benefits to juicing marijuana. immense!
  8. You can go a few things. Save pollen and seed other plants, pull it and trash it, make cannabutter,( not sure his strong it will be), make hash, ( don't expect much if any) , or juice it. Nit even sure what that is. Males are worthless except for breeding purposes.
  9. Donate it to a compassion club so someone who needs it can juice it.
    Or juice it yourself and reap the health benefits.

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