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What to do with kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anji, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. ok so I know you can make qwiso hash, compress it or just smoke it straight up...but i was wondering is there anything else you can do with your kief?

    looking for something new for 420 with a bunch of my buds and we've already done all the afore mentioned approaches. any ideas would be great.

    thanks in advance.
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    What i do is let it build up and make a kief parfait. I love to do that even more than making hash or anything else.

    You could possibly make some edibles. I just say smoke it up lol.

    I've posted it before and i will continue



  3. You can make some firecrackers and stay high for a long time. Kief is better for firecrackers since you don't have to eat the weed.
  4. Sprinkle it on top of a bong hit. Always messes me up.
  5. ah totally forgot about edibles (but yeah already done that too lol as well as the sprinkling and rolling a nug in qwiso hash and then rerolling it in kief which by the way gets you so super faded :smoking:).

    whaddya mean by a "kief parfait"? like bud, then kief, then more bud, then more kief, then more bud, etc. till you fill the bowl up?
  6. Hell yeah man. It's not the most even burn, but man it gets you lifted. And when you have an excess of kief it's what i do. I've never really been into edibles so that's what i do. What you do however is all up to you. Give it a try though.
  7. cool cool. thanks. was just wondering do you make like bud salads (multiple strains in the same bowl) or do you just use 1 type of bud at a time for your parfaits? haven't done a ton of reading/researching on kief yet so not sure if its better on a single type of bud or on multiple strains at each level (just realized what a bud salad parfait REALLY is lol...surprise at every level:smoking:)
  8. I pack snappers in my bubbler of a lil bud and put a lil kief on top of it. That way is pretty economic cuz it's not burning up too quickly and your not losing any smoke.
  9. Yeah it really depends on what i have on hand. We mixed fire and middies a few times and it was great. We used three different types another time. And like you said it is something different at ever level. Just imagine if you have Sativa and Indica on hand? It all depends on what you like. Just experiment with it and get the mix that you like.

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