What to do with all this snow?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Extacie, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. For the first time in decades were havin a blizzard and are suppost to be getting a good 12-20" which for us is alot and supposidly were suppost to be snowed in for a while and im goin to be bored out of my mind.. What should I do? I was gunna go build a pretty bad ass igloo then go blaze in it. I figured that'd be perfect since i live with my parents and am not aloud to smoke here anyways lol
  2. post pics if you do.
    you could also have a huge snowball fight.
    or butild a 10 foot snowman

    we got 18 here on xmas day :] it was amazing
  3. Make a fort!!! :D
  4. im on the phone with my friend in the MW and he says it fucked out right now.. but yeahh man i hiiighly reccomend the igloo idea, its warm and just cool as shit being high in a blizzard yet warm and in a igloo
  5. build snow dicks on your neighbors front yard

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow58DHLWtdI]YouTube - snow penises rock small town (buzzfeed.com)[/ame]
  6. Yeah I will for sure and thanks for the suggestions. I bet that was amazing, I love lots of snow on christmas day!

    Yeaa thats where i live is in the midwest region and its gettin pretty bad.. Especially the visibility rate. Haha thats exactly what I was thinkin, it'd be tight as shit
  7. we built a giant snow cave in a ten foot snow bank. Fit about 5-7 people in there and used a plastic saucer as a door. Hotboxed the shit oudda it and after bout twenty minutes in there, coming out was like being born into the world again :laughing: (how it felt stoned off my ass)
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  8. hahha only in america........... half our population is chill, the other half feels that snow penis builders deserve punishment..
  9. itll be deemed sexual harrassment before ya know it :p

  10. lol

    my favorite quote from that video

    "...the cops showed up, laughed, and then drove off..."
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  11. That sounds awesome! Ha ha. You should try the igloo OP. Take some pics smokin that bitch out too. Wish I had friends that were down to do shit like this :(
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  12. haha so i showed my friend in the MW that snow penis vid, they said there gonna get to building a 7 footer
  13. haha thats whats up, you should have them take a picture of it!
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  14. Yeah we have way too much here.. 2 + feet.
    I suggest you and a few buddies blaze, then go around your neighborhood destroying snowmen and replacing them with large snow-genitals. That's what I did. Who said Tuesday night's aren't eventful?
  15. Send it all to western australia, it's fucking hot over here.
  16. Pack it in your bong!! We keep an acrylic bong just for this reason!!! :smoke:
  17. haha wow thats crazy, someone muust of really took some time to do that
  18. Great idea, but unfortunatley the slider on my bongs broke :( I need to get a new one but like none of the head shops around here seem to have any for sale lol.

    Haha trust me man I really wish I could... Well.. Sorty of but not really because ive gotten this wholeeee week off of school, its been great :smoke:
  19. SEND ME SOME! PLEASE! I've never seen snow :(


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