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What to do when you smoke up by your self!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mopar420, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. What do you like to do when you smoke alone?
    I like to game out and listen to music loud with both ear buds in!
  2. i like to smoke more weed and masturbate to pictures of dakota fanning when she was 8.
  3. I def turn on the PS3 and do some gaming when burning alone. I also like to watch a movie, take a walk with my dog and be outside in general. A lot of the time i'll bring my ipod on the walk too, like being in your own world in a way.
  4. I like gaming out, watch movies, staring at the girl next door trough the small peephole that I made at her house. You know nothing out of the ordinary..
  5. fuck yeah
  6. I like to go to my kitchen a lot.
  7. Smoke more... I get really creative when I'm high so I usually make a awesome gravity bong or a waterbottle bong or something like that. I like to create :) While I listen to dubstep or some crazy ass music that just makes me smoke more and more and more..
  8. jam out to music, watch epic ass pixar movies, play games.
  9. Mostly depends on the time of the day. When the sun is up i tend to play guitar. At night, i just turn on some dubstep and turn the blacklights on in my room. My walls have a lot of the oldschool psychadelic posters on them so they glow under the blacklight. Always cool to look at when stoned.

  10. she was the finest in push ;)
  11. Play my guitars!

  12. i usually watch tv or movies, then work out. i tend to smoke by myself at night. cooking is also super awesome while you're stoned alone.

  13. music through earbuds is best. I have some nice noise isolating ones and they're fucking amazing.

  14. that sounds epic. Sativas must be truly awesome in there :D
  15. practice smoke tricks over and over again until i realize im really really high, too high to do them anymore, then surf gc
  16. Listen to music, play instrument(if you have one; I prefer guitar), go outside take a walk, SWIM(do it!), watch some tv

  17. I'm assuming you're a female...

    I toke up usually late at night, watch netflix, game some... general shit. usually some angry masturbation.

  18. angry masturbation? I find myself more open to freakier porn while high :cool:
  19. Eat, talk to my self, going outside,
  20. Play some bass, watch some movies, go out to the woods and smoke more, ride my bike, hiking. anything really being high makes everything better.

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