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what to do what to do

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokedatchronic, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. aight so i gotta get rid of a little bit of weed before tommorow because its pissin me off and yea i just wanna get rid of it. i have maybe .5 left and its really really really ground up. i suck at rolling jays and the only thing i have is recipts. im probably gonna smoke it in an hour or so but idk what to do. its too ground up to put it in a bowl cuse it would all fall through. id make a j but i dont kno how to make a roach for it and yea should i still make it out of a recipt? any tips?
  2. pack of screens is 1$ at a head shop :D
  3. Rolling a receipt is a bad idea, unless you like smoking ink I suppose.
    My friend used to steal the screen out of the inside of his kitchen sink when he lost his.
  4. hmmm screens sound alrite but are they enough to hold back REALLLY REALLY ground up shit? like some of its almost powder
  5. Go outside. Look down. pick up a pebble sized the same as the hole in your bowl, clean, sterlize pebble with iso, throw it in your bowl and put that shake on top and smoke it up!:smoking:
  6. Yea it should. if you are that worried about it falling through a screen and its really that fine just press it on some paper or something into a little patty or chunk and put it on the screen.
  7. Don't use receipts, The type of paper and ink is unhealthy.

    Could always use a tin foil ball or a pebble for a pipe screen, If using tin foil make sure to burn it before crumpling it up to take some of the harsh chemicals out.
    Ive used a pebble before, Just make sure its big enough and clean it off.
    Pretty ghetto but better than a receipt joint haha.
    Or lookup lightbulb vaporizer.
  8. make a firecracker :D

    it will take a while tho...
    unless you bake it in an oven
  9. 2 screens, 1 on top of the other, will decrease the pore size so fine ground MJ won't comw through unless you inhale too hard.

  10. x2 firecracker seems like the way to go.
  11. yea if you put 3 screens each of slightly different so the holes are much smaller cut by almost 70% and so the finer weed would not fall through
  12. i took the chemists idea and made a quick lightblub vape. i had it perfect until i put the weed in. i realized it wasnt completely dry and so it stuck yo parts of the glass and got a little wet so yea i had nothing better to do than to smoke it up. and now im not high at all all i have is like a wheel turning in my head over and over again and its kinda starting ti piss me off
  13. dude you have some major self control problems if you couldn't wait to get a pack of papers to roll a joint.
  14. How is marijuana 'pissin' you off?

  15. hahaha thats exactly what i was thinkin!!!

    OP, shit if its pissing u off that much send it my way :)
  16. haha it was only pissin me off cuse there was barely any left and im gettin an eighth of headies on friday and that'll last me awhile and i wont care about that .4 of shitty beast and yea i just wanted to get rid of it. i would go out and get some j papes but im probably the to worst roller to ever smoke weed
  17. Oh Mary Jane, you bitch you.
  18. i can't stress this enough and i searched this post just to tell people this.
    i learned to roll j's with receipts.we wanted to smoke a j and we couldnt get any wraps.after smoking the receipt we would feel a feeling deep inside our lungs making us wanna cough, unlike the feeling from a bowl or bong.but it's cool to smoke right?
    later we figured out about how bad rolling receipts really is.about 30 mins to an hour after smoking we got this intense burning feeling in the bottom of our throats and between our lungs, and we tried to get rid of it but the only way was to drink milk. we tested 4 different types of recipts(varying in thickness,how birght the white was,ink amount, and watermarked or not) and they all caused our throats to burn like a bitch.Please listen to me now-never smoke receipts
  19. never smoke ANYTHING with ink on it, its just not a good idea unless youre trying to get ink poisining.

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