What to do now? After I have harvested my outdoor plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Okay so I harvested my outdoor plants.

    I have them cut and hanging upside down

    Now what? How long do I do this? How will I know when its ready?

  2. you chopped them already? you must have an early strain. have you trimmed off the leaves? if you have or when you do save them and make hash or butter.
  3. I have white widow. Many of my plants were ready. The white hairs were nearly all red colored and the leaves began to turn slight yellow on some. The males that were near them are actually nearly all the way dead.

    I do still have the leaves on them, but don't plan to monkey with all that. All I want is the bud.

    I do still have two plants of the same seed batch that I planted about 3 weeks later. They seem about 2 weeks behind in the flowering. They should be ready just before October.
  4. you can cure the bud aswell after it has dried, if your interested post here or PM and i'll give ya a runthrough of the process
  5. Well yesterday (day 3) I went and cut a bunch of the large leaves off the plants. Seems this will help the bud dry faster since it was covered by the large fan leaves. That said......I already have a huge pile of leaves.


    What can I do with the leaves to make them anygood?

    To cure, what should I do? Just put the bud in a container with a little of my favorite flavor on a cotton ball? (that is what I have done in the past).
  6. boil the leaves in butter use the butter for cake, cookys whatever.

  7. If you can cure in glass jars for a month you will have some fine product. Just make sure to open the jars and let it breathe every other day, so mold doesn't set up, especially the tight buds close to the stalk.
  8. So I have a five gallon pale full to the top with leaves.

    So I can boil them all in water, then what?

    Do I let most of the water evaporate from boiling, then add about a stick of butter to the mix and then bake with it?

    My house will stink like hell won't it?
  9. geez man instead of asking a ton of questions just look it up on the internet. it will save u typing time and the people u are asking. then u can understand it better too. hey 420 are u sure they have to be in complete dark to cure well? i heard it works well to put the bud in a glass jar and leave it next to a window so sun gets on it and leave open 2 times a day with 15 minute opening periods
  10. im not asking a "ton" of questions. Just following the flow of the thread. And I have read on the web, but some people post new ideas, thats all


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