What to do if someone talks to you as if you're an idiot?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. My key to my room doesn't work so I asked the manager for a new one. He said to come back next week and it will be in.

    I come in a month later and ask if my key had arrived. Then he starts getting sarcastic and says to use common sense and look on the board (it had my room key #)

    "What does it mean if your key # is on the board?! It's not here yet! Use common sense!"

    Then he goes on for a minute or two about how he loves common sense and I should use it sometime etc.

    How was i supposed to know ?

    Why did he do that and why are some people like that? What to do if it happens again next time? Has it ever happened to you ?
  2. i pretend to be stupid and ask a bunch of dumb questions and watch them get progressively irritated.
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  3. A lot of people don't realize that their tiny little corner of the world that they're an expert on doesn't overlap all that much with other people. Then they try to lord their tiny bit of knowledge over everyone else, because everyone else must be super fucking stupid.

    So pet him on the head, offer him a handful of oats, and hope he grows out this pathetic need to feel superior to you over where your key is.
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  4. I'm...Just, I mean...Beside myself.:coolalt:
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  5. He's probably wearing the skirt at his house and has to feel superior at work and chooses you to inflict that on. Kinda like short man syndrome. He internally feels inferior so acts superior at work. I'd probably just say, I asked you a month ago for a key, because mine isn't working. If you want me to effectively do my job, then get me a new key.

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  6. You really gotta stop, ok?
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  7. As a blue collar guy ,I hate few things more than other blue collar people with tiny amounts of power, which they use to "rule" over those who either need their service or ask them a simple question. Anyone who's ever had a power tripping manager knows what I'm talking about.

    I was part of a training team @ one of my jobs, and I made it a point to never hire anyone else to the training team, who didn't know how to offer advice and help without being a dick about it.

    As far as how to deal with it: Move on up to bigger and better things. People like the guy you describe are the first to kiss the ass of the guy above them. They depend on the power structure (no matter how ridiculous it is) to make sense of their little lives.
  8. Go back everyday and ask if you Key is in yet
  9. Lay a voodoo curse on them in unknown languages. Then screech like a pterodactyl, while slowing getting down on all fours, run out. Come back thirty in seconds and ask the same exact question.
  10. I make subtle fun of some people. Others I insult. And some people like cops I just wanna punch in the face
  11. always take the high road, and call them a stinky butt.

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  12. I hate this person
  13. then call them a *really* stinky butt.

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  14. Sounds like he used to be a cop
  15. He's a military sergeant
  16. "Hey man, you can relax with your little fucking attitude and answer a straight-forward question with a straight-forward answer since we're discussing common sense and not beating around the bush like a pussy."

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