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  1. Ok so before I go into this story please remember that I have owed this kid 20 bucks for 2 weeks off some SPRAYED schwag that he said was "Juciy fruit" which is just the spray they used.

    Ok so I call one of my dealers because my main one's license is suspended and I did not have a ride. He comes thru and my friend pays hm because I did not have the extra 20 but I was going to have it later that night. So he pulls up says its some fire kush so Im skeptical because I know his supplier and hes notorious for selling schwag and telling the people he sells to that its insane bud. So we get inside and I open the bag and go to smell and BAM fucking sprayed....Again. So I tell my friend to call him and we discuss it and decide not to say shit to the kid till he approaches me for the $ I owe him.

    So next day in school he comes up to me in the hallway and hes like "You got my 20?" and I explain that Im not paying him and that it was because twice he fucked me over on sprayed shit...so he storms off tryin to be tough sayin hell get at me....Im 6 2" and big (fat :D) this kids maybe 5' 6" and scrawny so I shrugged it off.

    So my friend goes and buys another bag and its not sprayed which simple explination would be re-up....but Im just sick of this he gave me .8 of some schwag that was sprayed....(if i wanted schwag I could get a lot more for 20 bucks...)

    So heres where you guys come in.....Should I just not pay him and not buy from him again? I have a dealer that is a 2min walk from my house that has mids usually and I got a dealer thats like a 6min drive that has some insane bud usually . I can avoid him but hes gonna txt me n shit...I just dont want to even speak to this dude anymore....but I dont wanna pay for some shit weed that he sprayed and admitted it to me.....I know he had to come out of pocket cuz I didnt pay him but I dont feel bad.

    Sorry for the wall of text

    TL;DR Dealer fucked me over I owe him 20 bucks and hes trying to stress me for it but I dont wanna pay him.
  2. Screw him, he's just going to keep ripping you off.

    Don't pay him.
  3. yea don't pay him...

    but after the first time you should have never fucked with him again....
  4. I know but its a mad long walk to the other dudes house cuz the closest one wasnt home....He swore this shit wasnt spreayed but it was overwhelming the second I opened the bag and they way it smoked....
  5. Well then you have a simple choice. Walk farther and get good weed, or walk not as far and get super shitty weed. :cool:

    I wouldn't pay this kid, or ever buy from him again
  6. i see, just remember you cant trust dealers unless they are your friend....

    which is something you should think about doing with the guy who lives like 2 mins...

    next time you get from him offer to smoke him up and judt chill with him, next thing you know he is gonna be hooking you up....
  7. tell him to get fucked with a sandpaper cock!!:mad:
  8. Tell him you can give him a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the 3$ worth of sprayed shwagg he gave you lol
  9. fuck him, he put dangerous chemicals in your lungs, so you should repay the favour(put them in his lungs, while he sleeps).
  10. I'd tell him to go fuck himself, and you're not buying off of him anymore. He screwed you, so don't pay him back. As simple as that.
  11. if you're in high school it should be easy enough to find a new dealer.
  12. I got enough dealers hes just one that always seems to have a ride.....he called the second he got out of school and I ignored him and he txtd me asking for the cash n I told him Im not paying......havent gotten a response yet.
  13. Why not give him back the newly sprayed crap. Give him a gram of swag and get your $20 Back!:smoking::cool:
  14. It was.....uhhhh....lost in a fire.....:D
  15. quick question what does sprayed mean..???
  16. its a flavored Tobacco spray basically attempts to make the weed taste better but in fact doing the opposite
  17. Just throw him $5 for what you smoked and give him that shitty weed back. It's now worth starting some shit over some $20 scwagg. Thats just another reason why to buy good bud, bad weed=sketchy dealers, good weed=good dealers in my experience.

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