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What to buy...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reppin 713, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Well right now I've got $70 and I dot have a grinder so I wanna buy one, I was thinking about getting one or like $50 and ten buy a g or should I just buy bud and try to get a cheaper grinder.
  2. Bah just buy a 20$ grinder and lot of weeds
  3. the 5 dollar plastic ones are good if u just want a quick use and a lot of bud
  4. Don't listen to these guys. Get a space case, mendo mulcher or, if you really don't want to spend much, get a $25 sharpstone. Don't get cheap grinders, especially plastic. You don't notice it, but little pieces of metal fly off into your weed and that's not cool at all. Make sure it's a real sharpstone or space case before you buy. The 3 I listed are quality grinders, it all depends how much you want to spend.
  5. Well the ones at my smoke shop are like $45 for this small one and like $55 for a decent one.
  6. No need for buying a grinder over 20$. Do some research, you'll find high quality ones for that much.
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    no no no...dont waste ur money on shitty grinders if u want something that will last you a long time.

    all grinders are OK...they will get the job done. but IMO there are only a couple kinds of grinders that get the whole package right...there are ALOT more variables to a nice grinder than you think. you may be able to find a cheaper grinder made of quality materials and stuff...but that doestn mean its a good grinder and will get the job done well. read on and you'll understand what i mean.

    i agree with every word SOUR said, except for his sharpstone recommendation.

    space cases are the best imo, but they are so expensive...i think too expensive. nevertheless, ive bought 3 of them in my past, all still working like new (except for one that got confiscated by the cops!)

    2nd, id recommend mendo mulchers. they are cheaper (50$ will get you a 2.25" four piece with kief catcher) and will still last you forever.

    3rd, id recommend sweetleaf grinders, but they dont make ones with kief catchers. most of theirs are 2 piece grinders or 3 piece (has a storage area).

    ive spend hundreds on lesser named grinders including sharpstone and mixnball, and they have all either had teeth break on me, metal shavings fall off and into my bud, have a really poor functioning design, not grind bud up good enough (teeth are not sharp, spread out well, buds get stuck between teeth and dont grind, etc.), the holes in the grinder are too big or too small (so bud either doesnt fall to the bottom, or falls too prematurely before they can even get ground), the holes in the grinder are too few or too many or too spread out or too close together, the depth of the storage area and the depth of the kief section may be too shallow or too deep/hard to get access to, there might be too many hard to get to nooks in the grinder where kief will build up and you can never get to it which will result in lost kief and/or kief/plant material getting caked up in the threads of the grinder making it hard to open, ETC. i even had one grinder where the storage area for the bud would give way and bud would fall into the kief section, effectively ruining the purity of your kief....there are so many potential probs with a grinder. im telling you right now space case and mendo mulchers get it right and will last you forever. save your money now and spend it on quality.

    ive heard good things about some other ont remember their names tho. i know theres kannistor, and maybe these other ones with like clear lids and shit. maybe they're good too, i dunno never used them. but i have no reason to bother with these brands anymore cuz my space cases will last me a lifetime. mendos will do the same. i suggest spending the money now on a proven brand than take risk with one of these lesser known ones. shitty grinders piss me off!

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