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What to buy what to buy....

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by theglasscouch, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Ok so i'm on the market for my first bong oh whoopie. I'm a pretty heavy smoker but for several reasons have waited until now to make this purchase. I really have three choices two are from a head shop at which all glass is hand blown in the store and is owned by a local family. My two options from here are either an
    18 inch straight tube with diffused downstem and ice pinch with either 14 or 18mm joint $100 or a 12 inch stemless grid line bubbler no ice pinches and either a 14 or 18 mm joint $130 My last option is from another lhs and is a more common brand called hisi and their pieces consist of alot of percs and sort of scientific looking glass ware price unknown. So what i'm getting at here is which of these sounds best for a first time and given the choice what is the best sized joint to get?
  2. I have 130 dollars to work with
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    It really depends on how you smoke, but im surprised you dont have more options, i know my local heady has a selection of beautiful noname locally blow waterpipes. And were talkin 18" straight shooter with a perc or 2 for under 100 bucks. So id do a bit more research, and snap a few pics, and we can give ya some more help. :)
  4. I'd just get a nice 14mm short neck bong, preferably like a foot high. prob run you for like 70 or 80 then get a titanium nail and dome setup for oil and hash for like 50. I'm not a big fan of perks and what not,, who needs 'smooth' smoke? i'm not a little pussy, i like to get stoned. but thats my opinion
  5. I have more options but those are the three im looking at it's most likley between the two locally blown pieces because they are more flexible on their prices.
    This is the stemless bubbler hybrid:Gridded Stemline Hybrid - Soul Shine Family Glass
    This is similar to the straight tube (except a beaker): Great Size Beaker - Soul Shine Family Glass

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