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  1. Well GC, i decided its time for some new glass, i am terrible with decisions, ill sit there and stare for hours trying to decide and end up leaving sad and empty handed...
    I think i have decided on something, and want to hear if someone else has used has this, and if its worth it. I got an email with a price quote colors schemes, etc... I want to make sure i want it as its going to be almost 2 hours of driving back and forth... he said its marked at 360, so im sure i can get it lower, if youve bought it state what you paid... the second two are also possibilities!

    I know im going to go, see something else and be in an ever long debate... USually this occurs though because i go when im baked, so this time im going to try my best to be straight, at least somewhat!
  2. I'd get the first piece if I had your decision, only because I am not a real big fan of pipes you have to lay down. I know I would somehow or someone would break it lol, but that's just me. Also it looks like the first one might give you cooler, as in less hot, hits. Pretty much the order you have them listed 1st being the best. But it's really up to you in the end, it is your piece. If, and when you go to the store, ask to try the piece with the water in it to see how much drag each piece has, all look like nice pieces. GL.
  3. The bong costs 360 bucks and doesnt look to have an ice catcher.....tisk tisk. Get a non name brand bong for half the price that has the same excessories.
  4. thought about that option, but i really want a kinda creations glass piece, they are made very well, and thick, and are just a great allin one glass piece!
  5. Get a cheaper no name bro
    That's a rip if it doesn't have an ice catcher.
  6. Hey man i ripped that bong and it got me one of the highest ive ever been. it was in boulder too
  7. Yo if you are going to come in and say get a no namer, dont post, its not what im asking of yall... And i can get the first oen with an ice catcher, and it cost the same more or less... So stop crying!

    Yah, it look heavenly thanks for the post!
  8. If you want a t00b, get the t00b.

    If you want a bub, get the perklock.
  9. Okay i'm sorry
    Get it with the ice catcher anyway, if there's going to be no extra cost.

  10. No reason to be sorry, its just like, i make a thread not to have someone, not talk shit, but kinda go away from what im asking... Thanks
    Im going to go to the fitter first, and see if i can heckle the only item there i want, but theyd have to drop the price quite a bit... Its a bubler/ashcatch, Torro, its gorgeous!
  11. Get that CU Illidelph to the left right when you walk into the fitter
  12. ill check it out out when i go, i personally hate the fitter, most over priced place...
  13. We were trying to help you out by saving you money. Be a douche, whatever....neg repped.
  14. Dude, I like all three of them.
    The first and third are hella cool.

    But I mean, the first one looks so awesome, it kind of reminds me of a space shuttle.
    So I think you are making a wise decision.
  15. Bong>bubblers.

  16. Ok, what ever big guy. I guess i should of explained, i have plenty of hardware, but not high end glass, i am looking to buy a highend glass, sorry maybe that was might fault...

    So I went, and to the fitter, didnt make a decision... Though its not my fault i laid eyes on something trully amazing, but its a PHX
    Personally not the biggest fan, and the price was obsurred
    The one i wanted was 400, its a new glass they do i believe, it has an ice pinch, But is stemless, it goes in to the bottom of the glass, and enters a pocket where there are like a 100 little holes, kinda like percualters in a way, it was so neat, and its wierd i was thinking about this idea a few days ago, so i was like o shit fate!
  17. Out of all of those three, i would vote for the second piece. That thing is sick.

  18. Your the douche. The title does not say "Please help me save money". To some people money is not an issue. As for the OP I dont know if this is true or not but it was clear to me that he had narrowed it down between a few things and wanted GC's opinion on said items. So please dont be a douche, douche.:devious:

    To OP I would get the 1st one.
  19. Thanks, for the support... Im leaning torwards the first one, but i got one other piece i saw at the fitter, i just dont know if im willing to pay a lot for a PHX...
    Money is not a problem, i could spend as much as i want, but i truly only want to spend around 4 bills.

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