What to buy off amazon?????

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  1. It has to be allowed, because it has to be legal cause its off Amazon...

    Discuss cheap weed related anazon items, as well as other legal drugs,

  2. Pipes and vapes read all the reviews cuz some are cheap and break quick
  3. everything man i only buy my shit from amazon fxck walmart lol.
  4. Got a $20 2in. 4-chamber grinder.

    Also just bought a $10 1g-1000g Digital Pocket Scale.

    But I'm also an Amazon Prime member, so I get cheap shipping.

    BTW if you have a college email address you can get amazon prime for 6 months free.
  5. [quote name='"FuckBeerGetWeed"']Pocket pussy[/quote]

    Why haven't I thought of this...
  6. 1)Get the excelcrusher grinder it's 15$
    2) Hemp wick
    3) Joint roller
    4) Papes
    5) filter tips
  7. 55 gallon drum of lube
  8. Bulk candy. Lololol....-llililipop.

    Jk. MFLB.
  9. I'm an Amazon Prime member, so I get cheap shipping[​IMG]
  10. keif box.

    i love mine i reccomend them to everyone
  11. MFLB FTW. Get the power adapter and car adaptir this thing is the shit. You can vaoe and then when u dont have bud smoke the vaped weed. It gets you high still

  12. and a horse mask!

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