What to buy for $10????????

Discussion in 'General' started by Acid Raindrops, May 11, 2010.

  1. Lol, so I have a $10 giftcard for target and a $10 giftcard for bestbuy.
    Give me some ideas, I'm browsing online on the sites but eh. I can't order funyuns online I guess.
  2. Sell them both to someone for $20 and buy weed.
  3. This.
  4. Do they sell wine at target?

    You can get a 40oz. bottle of shitty wine for like 13 dollars. Probably less in the good ol' US of A.

  5. lol too bad they dont come in your size

    haha yeah they do and yeah you can get it for cheaper ' id suggest this as a good one

    or go on a candy binge ' really what you should do is just go through to target and i'm sure in no time you'd find plenty of things you want ' if i was you i'd look for cheaper things like 2-3 so you can get more than just one thing

    but best buy is expensive they may have a cheap CD for under 10 or some accessory but i can't think of much else

    good luck homie
  6. Lol, I never knew they sold wine there.
    I think I saw some wine looking bottles there in the food department once (not sure if it was wine or not) but I didn't realize they would contain alcohol? In my town Id think people would be jacking bottles left and right.

    Anyways, I'm not 21. I bet if I go up to the counter a thing will pop up to the cashier saying they need to see my ID ay?

  7. haha its funny that yall say this because at all the targets in georgia and florida they have alcohol sections just like all other stores with a grocery department

    there's a ton of alcohol everywhere ' including wine

    haha and yeah i know a good handful of people that do always jack wine when they needa get drunk so most likely they do you just don't see um ;)

    and yeah if you're not 21 i dont see it happenin ' just go look around they have a buncha legit shit for under 10
  8. I agree with what OSG said, simply becuase there's not really anything too good besides a bunch of junk you can get with a $10 gift card, unless you sold ONE of the gift cards ( either Best Buy or Target) so that you had a $10 gift card plus another 10 to go towards something.

    Other than that, I'd say your best bet is to look at the $5 dvd rack and see if anything tickles your fancy.
  9. Target carry snacks? munchies are always a good investment man saves me from dragging my ass to 711 at 3 in the morning.

    Pick up a dvd from bestbuy, get really stoned and check it out
  10. Lol, alright thanks people.
    I think the next time me and my dad are in town, I'll just tell him to get me a bottle of wine.

    I actually quit drinking hard liquor almost two weeks ago but some wine sounds soothing. All I have been drinking is beer and four lokos (Part energy/part alcohol)

    Then for the best buy one I'll see if they got any clearance on CD's or DVD's.
    Some wine and a good movie. *Thumbs up*
  11. why the hell would somebody buy a $10 target gift card and $10 best buy gift card for $20...:confused:
  12. haha i was thinkin the same thing lol
  13. Get some munchies, a dvd, get 20 bills buy a bag of some dank, and chill out!
  14. target: six pack of newcastle and candy, haha

    best buy: some random comedy movie or xbox live time

    at least, thats what i would do:hello:

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