What times to use for fog combined with mist?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Peflora, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I am experimenting to see how far I can push the process (time and yield) with +/- 2 ft plants by incorporating bubblers/fog/mist into one 10G tote.

    LIGHTS: LED/CFL- UFO 90 + 14 watt LED grow panel (12 x 12) for lower branches + 2600 lumen soft white during 12/12.


    2 timers with 15 minute on/off adjustments

    2 stone bubblers running 24/7

    Fog/Mist bar - I alternate time on/off to be the opposite of each other. I was doing 30/30 for each, but feel this is too much misting at one time

    Current times:

    MIST 15 minutes on.
    Some say to mist 24/7 , but it seems like this would cause root rot. Don't the roots need dry periods? I can't find anything to document one way or the other.

    FOG (follows mist) 1/2 hour on/off.

    I can't fog beyond 30 minutes as 2G of nute heats up quick with 13 mm fogger.

    Would it be a waste to fog while misting? Seems the roots are preoccupied.

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