What time do you normally go to sleep?

Discussion in 'General' started by cothrantyson, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. just curious

  2. Varies heaps
    Earliest: 9pm
    Latest: 2-3am
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  4. Yee it varies sometimes 830 sometimes 3 or 4. And on rare and I mean rare occasion dont even go to sleep.Kottonmouth Kings
  5. 3 or 4 in the morning of coarseKottonmouth Kings
  6. Different time every night. I once had a set schedule long ago when I was big into working out. It's almost always late. In the AM normally. 
  7. 10pm. :laughing:
    In my defence, I'm up every morning before 4. On a weekend I can crack it until the sun comes up, but I'm still up hours before my mates.
  8. 1-2am.Need to get it down to just 1. Sent from The Gods.
  9. with no obligations in the morning, I go to bed around 2-3am and sleep in nice until lunch time
  10. well now that classes are started back up the usual is anywhere from 9:00P to 11:30P depending on how much work/study i've done that day. weekends no telling but probably round 2-3A. if i got some weed and liquor i prolly wont go to slep til 6 or 7A.
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  12. I work a lot of shifts at night, so I really have no sleep schedule. I just sleep when the opportunity and the want arise!
  13. if I have class next day I try to get to sleep by 12. if I got afternoon class I just stay up till I'm tired like 3-4am
  14. depends, really. i usually try to get in bed anywhere between 11pm-12am, but sometimes i don't fall asleep until 1am.
    i need to be up by 6:30am on most days and i pay my sleep debt on the weekends
  15. I like to go to bed before midnight most nights
  16. I dunno but thinking about has made me want to smoke a bowl. I have a chest bug attacking my lungs so there's gonna be some bacteria or viruses getting high in a couple minutes. Maybe they'll get lazy and not want to fuck with my lung cells tonight. But it might make them hungry too. Fuck!
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    2-3 am every night
    My last two jobs were night shifts so its hard to get out of

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