What things do you have on you that could identify you as a pothead?

Discussion in 'General' started by Floyd Pepper, Aug 1, 2011.

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    I have a phish parking lot shirt on.
    In my pocket I have some bee line.
    In my wallet there is a bible page, no nans, for joints. If someone ever asks I'll just say I enjoy scripture... while smoking.
  2. Nothin really

    I'm definitely a stoner but you wouldn't be able to tell from my style or the way I act.
  3. i usually have a lighter in my pocket and i keep zigzags in my wallet. thats about it.
  4. Nothing.
  5. Yeah, you couldn't tell I even smoked unless you came over to my apartment.
  6. Errr.
    -Red eyes
    -Dress like one with the little beanie sometimes LOL.
    -Always got my lighter in my pack pocket.
    -People say I talk slow...I dont notice it but all my friends poke at me for it.
    -Got the bob M tee
    -Got a wristband that says "Herbavore" with little potleafs, from spencers haha
    -Got visine..
    Lol I could go on and on.
  7. what is bee line?
  8. I guess if you have a bottle of eye drops red eyes it would be pretty obvious.
  9. i dont think its good to have a stoner image cause cops will profile you and shit.
  10. My space case. I don't leave without it. I don't know how many people smoke me up because they think it's the best thing ever.
  11. Right now..

    I reek of bud
    Red eyes
    Laughing alot
    Eating a huge bag of Lays BBQ chips
    Guzzling water
    Oh and I'm stoned
  12. My keys that have resin on them, My lighter with resin on the bottom corners..... uhhh... yeah I can only come up with two.
  13. NOW?? Im not wearing a lot since im in my room but i've got on pajama pants and theres a bowl in my hand. does that count?
  14. Zigzags
    rhoto (sometimes)
    lighter leash
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    If someone sold pothead hats I'd probably buy one, that looks fuckin' rad and stupid at the same time.
  16. Things. I want to be thought of as more than just a pothead though
  17. Visine ADVANCED

    Bob Marley shirt with marijuana leaves as his hair

    Psychedelic Lighter
  18. nothing....I only smoke in apartments or friend's places and on the rare occasion I'm toking on the go I will only take a lighter (usually Zippo for wind proof lighting) and the joint in a small plastic tube that once held pre rolled cone style blunt wraps.

    So other than that rare 1% when I'm out and about and carrying something incriminating I don't think anyone would ever guess I smoke as much as I do.
  19. 1. I have on a higher primate shirt
    2. I have a crazy shaped yellow lighter in my pocket
    3. I have on some trippy design shorts

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