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What the......?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. OK. So, without goin into great detail, my x is drivin' me crazy. I still feel for the dumass......mostly just sorry. If he would have ever gotten his shit together - DUH - he wouldn't be my x! So he's off in another state (the law in this state want him) hooks up with this chic and marries her. Cool! Now it just so happens his mom finds her daughter who was adopted as a baby and tries to share this with him. He gets all depressed and says he wishes she would have put him up for adoption. She tells me all this (I kinda adopted my x-in-laws since my parents went nuts on me), I tell har don't sweat it. Now' he calls me askin me what to do, sayin' I'm the only person he can talk to...his ol' lady's a bitch...yadda yadda. Meanwhile I'm tryin' to play it cool and load some bingers for me and the ol' man. Finally I just tell the x we'll have to talk about it later. He' starts cryin, says he loves me and hangs up. DAMN!! I hate when he does that - he knows I have a big heart!! Anyway the ol' man ends up burnt at me before the night is over for other reasons (?) so I figure 'fuck it' I'm on a I call my boss this morning and tell him I'm sick - can't go to work. That asshole just starts cussin' and hangs the phone up on me. FUCK 'EM ALL!! I feel like returnin some of the crap I've been gettin from everyone else for a while!! I wondered for a while, who I would unload on, who can help me with this? Who else? My neighbors at the CITY!!!
    I love you guys!!
  2. Thanx man!!

    The x is 31. He ..... well WE smoked pot and meth and he was an alcoholic on top of it. Five-O is after him on violation of probation. His childhood was probly not the greatest - who's is? I thought mine was - 'till I found out it was all just a big act!! He doesn't understand that he can't blame all the stupid shit he does on his screwed up childhood!!

    As for my boss.............selfish prick. I'm already on the new job thang. We have a new hotel goin' up......I'm 'experienced', I just have to get my procrastinatin' ass on it!!

    The ol' man is always pissed about somethin'. Long as he has a pocketful of money and works all the time - he can be pissed all he wants!! He can also get glad in the same pants he got mad in!! He's more moody than any woman I know!! I think I got here in time for his midlife crisis!!!
  3. Well if all else fails, Bring your ass south.

    I know about ex's ealling apart and wanting you to put them back together again.

    My advice...........................Take some time for yourself. An hour or two hell even a day. Don't think about ex's or hubby's or bosses ro nothing. Do something for yourself..

    One of your problems is........................when something goes wrong you go into mother try to fix what ever is wrong with others who you are raising.....Ex husband has problem.. Must fix.. Hubby has problem..must fix....

    You need to let everyone take care of their own problems for a while!

    If you still need to lay into some one........Let mee have it honey. I have strong broad shoulders.

    Love yas

  4. "when you're down it feels like you'll never be up again" great movie (Blow incase you were wonderin'). the rest talked about how things have a way of working themselves out which is true. no matter how bad things get they can always get worse... but they always will eventually get better. bud head was right... just take some time for yourself and try not to worry too much about everyone else's problems.

    good luck w/the hotel job. i worked in one before, but it didn't work out so i went to the pizza shop instead! HA! lol. stay strong friend. we're all here for ya :D

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