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What the shit is on my bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by deathlesszero, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. So i bought this weed and it seemed pretty good. But after a while of breaking it down Nd looking at it, i noticed tiny reflective pieces of something, in various sizes throughout the bud. Its not caked in it, but an occasional sparkle here and there. I broke open bigger nugs and noticed it wad actually inside the bud too. It looks like little mirrors, and even after i smoked a bowl i can still see them shining away. Theres no harshness, bad taste or crackle. Im pretty sure its not fiberglass so my other guess from reading is it may be silica? Idk tell me what u guys think. Pictures are kind of bad quality so this who post is prolly useless lol. One pic is with flash on and the reflective piece seems to go dark, the other without flash.

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  2. Il try to get a better picture
  3. Even if it was silica, I'd smoke it anyway.
  4. I have heard tell that some dealers are grinding up glass and putting it in the weed to add weight. I can't say for sure if that's what's in your weed or not. I think you need a microscope or a strong magnifying glass.
  5. definitely already smoked a shit load of it, lol. Just curious if anyone is familiar cause ive never came across shit like this. Again i didnt notice it til i looked closely. Not a harsh smoke or anything.
    yeah i heard that too. Im pretty sure its not glass though. Its like a mirror not really a sparkle. Almost like a flake of glitter.
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    as long as it doesn't feel gritty, produce a harsh smoke, or do anything out of the ordinary it should be good. 
    trichromes are somewhat transparent which allows them to reflect a little bit of light.
    I imagine it would be pretty hard to get micro pieces of glass deep inside the bud.
    I don't think I've ever personally seen or heard any grit weed stories outside of the UK PSA.
  7. Its not trichomes. Its literally like little pieces of glitter that remain in the bud after being burned.
    Again its not caked in it but its somewhat prevalent
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    My guess is perlite maybe? Or some fertizilizer/pesticides
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  9. Like your first picture I had the tiniest bulb of white in my bud.
    But it wasn't shiny or anything like you're describing.
    Smoked it and I didn't die or yak.
  10. It's turkey giblets, common in some areas for flavor.
  11. Looks like vermiculite to me
  12. tap it over a cd disc non label sidecand see if the substance falls off and scratches the cd. if it doesnt scratch you're good
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  13. yeah i this is what im thinkin
  14. It's fairy dust. When dealers run out of unobtainium to lace their cannabis with, they seek out and use the next best thing...fairy dust. Hey, if it's good enough for Santa Claus... 
       Perhaps your connect is trying to get you into the Christmas spirit a little early.
  15. rub a bit of it on a CD, if it scratches the surface then it was cut with glass to add weight.
  16. for the third time its not glass, lol. Its flat glitter like pieces of reflective material.
  17. that was my first thought on the matter
    It's probably not glass bro.  It's aluminum flakes to make you stupid, it's the illuminati doing it.
  19. nah plenty of that in your deodorant and chemtrails : )
  20. Can you pull off the piece that shines? If so, try taking a pic of just that.

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