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  1. why are a couple of my plants showing there sex....2 out of 4 have little balls all over the nodes.I havent even went 12/12 yet there still vegging 24/7 this is only the 25th day.Anyone know why this is happening,and if this is going to happen to my other 2 plants?
  2. Pre flowers.

    Nothing to worry about.

    In my experience males tend to show before the girlies.

    I guess we as a sex are just more inclined to get our genitals out.
  3. As an addition....

    There are occasions where plants will autoflower but 99 cases out of 100 it's nothing more than pre flowers.
  4. Such determined preflowering could conceivibly be a desirable trait. Because I am always into experimenting, I would put them on 12's just to see what happenes. A box big enough to cover them will allow the others (which are quite possibly fems!) to stay on 24/7 til they have enough bud sites. If you can bring those males into flower before the fems start to show, and they are worthy of perpetuation because they are early bloomers, and has (for instance) short internodals, you can preserve some of the pollen. (there are instuction somewhere in this site...)
    I have found fully mature male plants to make fine smoke. Just be sure they don't get to dump to much pollen before harvesting. Not only might confuse the fems, but it's the best part of the plant.
    just keep having fun, do lots of research to find out everything there is to know about what plants want/need. Friendly advice from the earth girl, because she's been there and done that....{8^D
  5. Earth Girl,

    Do you let your boys bud in the same grow space as the girlies?

    Wow girl you live life on the edge.

    Good stuff.
  6. I usually start out with 1-2 dozen sprouts. As they grow, and get their 2nd set of 3 finger'd leaves, the tallest ones are weeded out. I have to encourage a low profile to stay below the window ledge. I keep them growing with the longest day I can manage, at least 18hrs of good light. After 6 weeks I put them all on 12's for 7-10 days, then go back to the long day again. This usually causes the males to preflower, and sometimes a fem will sport a couple of tiny calyxes.I then put all the males on 12s beneath a light tight box, while the fems are returned to as much daylight as I can muster. Any male that gets leggy is chopped, but the short/bushy are encouraged to continue. I've saved some pollen from an early maturing short bushy male, and I have smoked many of them. The trick is to keep the fems in a vigorous vegitative state when there are no vulnerable calyxes.
  7. Good stuff Earth Girl.

    Like I said, live life on the edge.

    12'in the males early is a good plan.

    Not sure I'd hit 12's for the whole lot for that long and then back to veg. That's a fair bit of stress.

    Make 'em work though!

    I like your style.

  8. if you start to sex your plants when they are only 5 weeks old, they need a longer application of 12s. I'd like to let them get as much as 8 weeks, then they only need a couple of days of shock. But everything depends on my abilities, as well as the season, and all the other variables like genetics, and quality of ingredients. Life is one adventure after another, and I try to keep learning as I go.
  9. Ahhh. That's the bestest thing about all this ain't it!!

    I'm yet to meet a grower who has the same methods as the grower i met the day before.

    The rich and interesting tapestry of life.

  10. You have to agree that people are stranger than anybody!!!! (I have been called "stranger than most"...)
    But I'm feeling MUCH _BETTER_ NOOOW!
    {;^l~ Duh. Huh-huh. Really! The right meds can make all the difference.
  11. Stay strange!

  12. first timer here .....how many seeds do i plant in one pot???
  13. One. It's a nightmare seperating root balls.

    Best to germinate them first.

    Check the overgrow growfaqs.
  14. thanx guys...i'll toss those "auto bloomers" outside and see what happens:)

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