What the...hell?!

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  1. Well, this happened once or twice before and just happened again... I havent quite figured it out, it seems kinda random... the popups dont stop until i use process manager to end the iexplorer process =/

    It doesn't show up in the screen but I noticed when the windows were first popping up I saw Grass City on each of them...

    This is just to give an idea... this was in seconds:

    so whats goin on here?

    btw... this ONLY happens at GC =/ not a single problem on my computer and iv run plenty of scans.
  2. Woah dude....I have no idea what's causing that. It doesn't happen to me, but I use Firefox. Hopefully if I bump this someone can shed some light on the problem.
  3. I occasionally have that exact same problem.
    Windows just keep opening on top of each other and keep replicating..

    I open up the task manager, then go to processes, and find IEXPLORE.EXE and delete the process. It fixes the problem temporarily.

    I've also noticed that this problem only occurs on GC every now and then.

    I use Internet explorer btw

    dont go around deleting processes unless you know what your doing
  4. Deff weird, Never had the problem tho i use firefox.

    But heres another off thing ive noticed happened which jus happened after looking at this thread.


    Not sure what that means..
  5. keep smokin's looks sketchy.. you should find out wtf that is.

  6. KSR, Google Analytics is a user traffic monitor, giving stats about what browsers, how many visitors, etc to the owner of any site that uses it. nothing to worry about.
  7. I use Firefox and have never seen any of that. I'll alert SJ so he can check things out, though.

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