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what the hell was that?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nixum, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I've been smoking for years, but recently something extremely odd and scary happened. I was drinking with some friends yesterday when we decided to smoke a bowl. About 45 minutes after we finished I started to feel really sick and everything went black. The next thing I remember was seeing millions of random images flashing through my head at light speed, and it felt and sounded like my head was caving in. My friends had told me that I had actually fallen back on the couch and was choking on nothing, staring at the ceiling. I finally came to, and it took about 20 minutes for me to be able to talk. This all seems really strange because nothing even close to this has ever happened before, has anyone had an experience like this? Any advice would be appreciated, it seriously was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.
  2. I do not know. JOE>
  3. Simply don't smoke when you're drinking, and likewise.
  4. hell no drinking and smoking can be the best combo ever

    i dont really know what to say to your experience, i do have some friends who cant drink and smoke

    for me that is one of the best feelings ever drinking beer chilling with friends lol
  5. sound like a rush brought on by increase blood pressure:

    -alchol thins blood
    -cannabis increase the heart beat

    avoid taking both at the same time, thank you.

    edit: dont be pussy though, HAHA! but seriously take in moderation man.
  6. Sounds like you got really drunk, smoked a bowl and if you weren't smoking the whole night it hit you hard, you fell hit your head and blacked out or something.
  7. Maybe you smoked some acid??? When i drink n smoke, i have a good time...
  8. do you know for a FACT that you were smoking only bud and nothing else? laced shit is not a cool thing
  9. It sorta sounds like you had a seizure. Whenever I drink and smoke I always smoke first then drink and I have never had a problem so maybe you could try that if you ever want to do it again.
  10. Heavy drinking + weed is the best! :D
  11. lol drank a half 5th and smoked a quarter one night and im a only way bout 145 I was blacking out man that shit was insane managed to hold it down till the night was over though lol we climbed a mountain:D
  12. Ill get super dizzy and light headed if i smoke too much when im drunk. IF i smoke first its usually better. I usually try not to do both at the same time theres other drugs that go better with drinking.
  13. Was it your friends weed? If your friends are the practical jokers as mine, It sounds like they gave you a bowl of some high grade salvia (40x or higher) when you were drunk to watch you freak out. Well that might not be the case, just an idea
  14. Maybe you had a seziure. Maybe go to the doctor and tell him this story. He can't say anything because of confideniality agreements but he sure can help you out.

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