What the hell was he thinking?

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    He looks so out of place.

  2. God damn it I told him to stop drinking...
  3. He's thinking "fuck you, I'm shit faced."
  4. Shut up. This man knows style.
  5. whats up with the wierd shadow lol
  6. Would you tell him any different?
  7. god damnit i hate those really thin chin strap beards
  8. Who wants to buy some drugggggss!!?????
  9. i would bone the bitch on the left
  10. I'd laugh until I can't stand if I saw a guy who looked like that anywhere.
    The hell is up with that vest thing?
  11. same here:smoke:
  12. He wasn't thinking! That there is the embodiment a free man, my friend.
  13. Frisk Me!
  14. He was thinking about ditchin' his bitch to go muddin'
  15. so what if he likes to drink his own urine?
  16. There's a guy that does not give a fuck.

  17. That's what I'm sayin....he's fucking footloose and fancy free if I've ever seen it.
  18. And not a single fuck was given that day.

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