what the hell veg room flowering?

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  1. I have been growing some bagseeds that i have gotten and the kushberry was awesome so far for my first. I have a veg closet with 300w cfl over them from 8 to 12 at night the lights are on I noticed that my grandaddy purple is popping pistils all over the top more than usual i think it's flowering could be too much dark? or autoflower maybe but it has been growing for about 3 months already but i kept her small for a while
  2. here some pics

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  3. You mean the lights are OFF from 8-12 right?

    My Blackberry Kush does the same thing. This is why I run them on a 24 hour light schedule. I think these strains might have been crossed with a Ruderalis Hybrid at some point.

    Switch to 24 hour light cycle.
  4. or should i just throw in flowering room will i have stressed already u think it wouldn't be a big deal to throw in there already although i did want to clone it. it was getting 16 8 light
  5. If it's been going for three months now and you don't intend on cloning this one, I would just start flowering now. How tall is she?
  6. about 14 inches
  7. cold temps can make them flower if you get below 65 at any time they want to flower to get ready for winter, also you can clone after they show gender it's the best time for me that way i know there female.

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