what the hell?!? shit that should be easy is hard, what's the problem?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BIGfugginRED, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. here goes. im fairly new to this community but love it already. but im in a bad predicament. i got some money to construct a decent grow box but my problem is, I CAN'T GET MY SEEDS TO GERMINATE. i got two different film capsules, one with shitty seeds and one with bagseeds but from bags of chronic good shit. this will be my first grow and it is more or less just for the hell of it, just cuz i'm a fuckin hippy and wanna get some shit goin in my closet.

    i have had the seeds in wet paper towels in film cannisters for 4 or 5 days now, and two of the good seeds have cracked. that's all. i tossed one of the seeds in a pot that i made pretty moist with a spray bottle of good pure water just cuz i was impatient. and i put it in a dark place since i saw sidious on a thread say it didn't need light, somebody which i think seems to know his shit, even though im still wonderin what the hell his name means (just curious). anybody got a guess on how long she'll take to pop out the soil?

    but more importantly? why won't my seeds sprout in the paper towels? can anybody suggest the quickest easiest method of germination without the need of a germination station?

    i realize that im fuckin wastin the "old school growers's" time, but if y'all share the knowledge, you'd be carryin' on the tradition!

    thanks in advance for any help. much appreciated.
  2. "You can germinate seeds in a paper towel. This method is tricky; it's easy to ruin roots if they dry out, or are planted too late after germinating. Paper towels dry out REAL FAST! Place paper towel in a bowl, saturated with weak nutrient solution (not too much!), and cover with plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. Put bowl in a warm area; top of the gas stove, water heater closet, or above warm lamps. Cover with black paper to keep out light. Check every 12 hours and plant germinated seeds with the grow tip up (if possible) in a growing medium as soon as the root coming out of the seed is 1/16" or longer. Use tweezers, and don't touch the root tip."

    I pulled that straight off of http://www.geocities.com/quickgrowguide/

    Sorry I can't help more. I'm about to loose my virginity in a few days, wish me luck.
  3. I'm not sure if ill be of any help considering I'm not experienced. But I've read that you can get a clean *new* sponge, dampen it and put seed in the pores of the sponge to germinate. You may want to try that instead. Also, if your paper towels are drying out, that may be the problem.

    Check out this guide it may help.

  4. i appreciate all the help guys. that's why this board is chill as hell, i post a thread, and not even 5 or 10 minutes later i get two replies. like i said before, much appreciated, i'll look into the bowl method. thanks again. everybody be safe. -big red (clifford)
  5. Hey bud no prob man. This board is chill, I love it here. I wish you luck bro.
  6. Another way is to get a coffee jar, pearce some small holes in the lid gat a load of cotten wool and fill the jar with it then get a black peace of card and rap it round the jar push you seeds down the side of the jar and add some water put the hole lot in the airing cupboard and wait a few days (Place at bottom of aircupboard not at the top you will end up drying up the cotten wool) No light should get to the seeds at this point so make sure the black car repels all light.
  7. Personally I just stick a seed in a small rock wool cube and put them in a propergator and keep it in the dark for two days then stick it on the windowsill, haven't failed yet they normally sprout in 5 days, plenty of advice on this forum for different methods of germination though

  8. make sure u put tap root down first

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