What the hell kinda bug is this?

Discussion in 'General' started by blunt hit, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. i was blowed as hell today comin back from mcdonalds, walk to my front door and BAM this big critter is on my door. i of course killed it and had to take a picture of it cuz i never saw a bug like this before... any clue?

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  2. put a quarter next to it so we can see how big he is.
  3. How big is it?
  4. looks like a sicada.
  5. i already flushed that lil bitch, but its definitley bigger than any other insect i've seen. think of the biggest bumble bee you've seen, times 2. cuz at first i thought it was a camofluaged bee ( lol ) cuz its green and black.

    its hard as hell too and heavy, and when i killed it it moved pretty fast that it shocked me, iwas jus hopin it didnt have a stinger. oh yeh, when i killed it a huge bunch cum lookin shit spurt out... crazy shit. where's discovery channel when ya need them?
  6. the only real way to tell is if you eat it
    those sicadas are fucking everywhere and thier shells to the 1s tehy break out of befor they get the wings
  7. We call them locusts here.

    I had to make war on one of their kamekazes the other night.

    Well...since you got me started now, I guess I'll tell the story.

    I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I think I bumped him with my foot or something and he started freaking and and flying all over everywhere crashing into the house and the light and my chest a few times and just going berserk till I ran in my house to hide since I couldn't tell what it was yet.

    Well, I didn't want to stay inside, so I waited a minute or so and opened the door to see if he was gone. As soon as I opened the door however, he came back with a vengeance and flew into my house.
    Eventually, he landed on the wall long enough for me to see what he was. But that wasn't the end. He started flying again, at which point I had to grab a paper towl roll in one hand and a poster tube in the other. That was when the epic battle really began. I'm telling you, this was like some lord of the rings shit.

    About thirty minutes later, he gave up and I took him outside.

    The moral of this rambling story is don't fuck with cicadas.
  8. Doesn't have the red eyes to be a cicada.
  9. Yea no doubt, I see those a lot around here and there so fucking loud lol.
  10. well im 20 and my ma is 45 and we both never saw one..,
  11. Yeah, looks like a cicada to me. Those are some noisy motherfuckers!
  12. AHHAAHAHAHAHA! usually when people tell stories they aint funny but that was. :hello:

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