What the hell is wrong with the world.

Discussion in 'General' started by joe123, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Why do we fight? The human race is so arrogant, stubborn, and ignorant it completely blows my mind. We fight for personal greed, but if no one did then im sure everyone would have what they want. People should only fight for self defense, whether they where attacked legally, mentally, or physically.

    There are people who risk there lives for other people, and there are people who are so selfish that they wont do a damn thing for anyone else. I think humans exist to help other living things and our earth. but instead we kill our earth, slaughter animals like its nothing, and kill each other.

    Wake the fuck up people. Sometimes we must make sacrifices for other people, whether those people be your family or a random person. I would die to help mankind leap out of this darkness, and i would hope many other people would to. Do you want future generations to deal with our mistakes? because it seems that we all do.

    We all have fucked up once in awhile. The past is the past, we cant undo anything that has happened. But we can change our future, or we can at least put effort into trying. The world will not take much more of our mistakes, mankind and possibly our planet will be no more if we continue in this path.

    So people of GC next time someone asks for help, just think about it. The picture is much bigger than you are.
  2. well that depends on who you ask. some people say its important being an individual and be self sufficient, cause people will usually let you down. then other people will say we need to become united and share everything with eachother. just 2 different sides of the same coin of life.
  3. Why? Because we are animals. Animals who have so far suppressed our urge to fight. Biologically its the testosterone. We have to fight, its in our nature.
  4. most animals fight each other bro.

    even penguins.

  5. We dont have to fight. Humans are smart, we are not just animals. We are the smartest thing to live on this earth. The things we have done are great, but horrifying at the same time.

    I will not fight anyone unless they harm me or my family, if you pick a fight with me ill walk away. Call me a pussy but deep down its the right decision, because if you need to fight to solve your problems... Well thats just pathetic. Words are my choice of weapon.
  6. I'm a conscientious objector and you can too.
  7. I feel ya man, I'm not into fighting or war either, but there are as many people that feel the opposite as there are who feel the same as you...it's unfortunate. I hear of people dying everyday, for a war that's doing what? I really shouldn't get into politics, cuz we all know where that leads. To reiterate, I'm also not much of a fighter...but like you said, you mess with my family or friends, you're gonna get it. Keep believing what you believe though, as the saying goes "Be the change you wish to see in the World."
  8. We are smart, but at the same time, we are really fucking stupid.

    We are easily capable of things far beyond our imagination, but this is knowledge that is kept from the common people.
  9. Our world is split up into hundreds of nations, but we are all humans. We are all the same and different at the same time. But we are all conscious creatures of earth. A planet that we should protect not destroy. We should protect everything living on it as well, including ourselves and the animals of our planet.

    Humans have a whole universe as there play ground, and we cant even get past our solar system. If we had a united earth, money could be spent on the better of humanity and not bullshit wars. We could be beyond our solar system by now if we did things differently. Maybe even meet other conscious, intelligent life from other planets.

    There are worse threats out in the universe than other humans i believe, but if we destroy ourselves first than we cant even face these threats. When our planet is at the brink of destruction that is when i believe humanity will finally shred the darkness and enter the light.
  10. I know people are stupid, but there are many smart people. Most of these smart people are the people that corrupt our planet, they use there smarts for personal greed and not for humanity. Some people waste there life away while others do great things. But in all we are born, we live, and we die... Every single one of us. And the only difference is how you live.

    You dont have to be smart to not fight bro.. But it sure helps. If the world joined together as one i can assure you it would be a better place, and humanity would advance at a fast rate.

    This information is kept from the common people due to greed usually. This is why we should rid of our current system because it really isnt working. This illusion of democracy is harming everyone and everything. This illusion of the great things our world leaders do is a joke. Our current ways of government are really not working and we must change.
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    naaaaaah. were definatly animals, that like to think we are above everything. theres too many people on earth to settle things without violence. thats the way its always been and will most likely always be. only in a utopia can we settle disagreements peacefully through talking.

    for example lets say we are running out of resources like petroleum. people may work out an agreement to share the gas but then some people will realize they need more to survive, get to work, buy food, all the bull shit. then thats when people start stealing and gettin violent. its a dog eat dog world.

    vicariously i
    live while the whole world dies
    much better you then i

    you all need it too
    dont lie

    devour to survive.. so it is, so its always been

  12. you know who else said things like that? hitler, mao, some other communists and dictators i probably dont even know.

    my point is there is no way we all will get together and agree. unless some new world order shit happend and everyone was forced to belive in the same shit and have the same values.
  13. Yea they did say that, but there greedy asses had other plans. Im not saying make a communist society, i like democracy because everyone should have a choice and say in eveyrthing. But bro this is not a true democracy that we live in.

    I already know most of the shit you said... I know we wont agree, and that is why i made this thread. Because even though i know people wont listen to me, i can still try. You always have to have some hope bro.
  14. This is the mind set that destroys our planet, the mindset of selfishness. I put myself last infront of my family and friends. But no matter what when i saw that i could help someone random i took my time out of my life to help them.

    You are all arguing saying that we are animals... Well i know we are animals, but whats to say that an animal cant negotiate things out instead of using violence. Anything is possible bro. Scientifically we are animals, but spiritually we are more. We can do things no other animals can do, which is why we can negotiate instead of fighting.

  15. world peace is fultile unless you want to force it bro.
    you cant really call it world peace then either.or it would just be ironic in what it is.
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    World peace doesn't work when forced. You just have to figure out the right way of going about it.
  17. there is no way of bringing everyone together with all of the different ideologies and beliefs. so force or brainwashing are the only ways of going about bringing that. how would you bring world peace?
  18. Lol... Bro there is really no point in me even talking to you because you have no hope.

    I am not going to force anything on anyone. I am simply saying if people would wake the fuck up and take a real good look at what life on earth is comming to then maybe there is a chance the world can be saved. Once a global disaster happens that threatens our existence that is when we will unite, but it might be to late at that point.
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    It's called acceptance and tolerance. Differing beliefs don't natter with them.
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