What the hell is Nose Pilot?!

Discussion in 'General' started by DeeJayBoy, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. I don't! But hey, check it out anyways! Smoke a bowl and make sure you have about 20 minutes depending on your net connection. :)

  2. that was messed up!
  3. Gotta love a cable connection! Took about 10 seconds to load for me.

    What the hell is that supposed to be? I think the words are french for "french", and "english".

    Weird......... very weird!
  4. Didja watch it all? It's totally wizack. Click on english or whatever. It's a nice, long experience. Slug Hugs own j00! :) PLUR!
  5. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Quite creative and entertaining!

    Notice the recurring mushrooms???

    I love the dancing cops with the cat. LOL

    How in the hell did you find that?
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  6. All right, I gotta ask!

    Does "plur" have a specific meaning?

    Thanks, from an un-hip dude.
  7. PLUR means Peace, Love, Unity & Respect :)

    So... PLUR!

    There's PLUR everywhere in this BB! ;)
  8. Pretty cool stuff :cool:

    For $50 dollars you can have ,your face ,a friends face ,or even your pets face ....appear in an animation for one day. You also will be able to download a personalized copy to do whatever you want ,with it. Says for details contact........

  9. I am glad you guys like the site! I watched it and thought it was pretty damn skippy. :) PLUR is a Raver term that I am trying to turn into an herbalist term. It means, Peace Love Unity Respect. I quit doing the rave thing.. Too many kids all hopped up on speed. Shoving glowsticks in my face. Not wearing deodorant. Anyhow, I don't remember where I found nose pilot, but I am pretty sure it was a stoned venture in http://www.(try random words here).com :) I really got a kick out of the slug hugs :) I also noticed the reoccuring mushies. I am glad I am not the only one who noticed. :)

  10. Thanks for the clarification of PLUR.

    I kinda like it!
  11. i thought PLUR was some madeup word like aeroblurg.
  12. Ehehehehehe! Nope! It's a term that all pot smokers should embrace! :p

    Aeroblurg made up?! Awww man... And I thought there was a neat story behind it. :)
  13. i rave too, and ive noticed that the term PLUR is kind of slipping away. like DeeJay said, too many kids hopped up on speed, shoving glow sticks in your face, not wearing deoderant(especially). i like the idea of introducing PLUR into the herbalist lingo. i am now on a quest.

    btw, that nosepilot site is just insane :D

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  14. Check this man, the last rave I went to, this girl came up to this dude she knew and gave him a hug. This guy's girlfriend was tweakin on something and freaked out. She tackled this chick to the ground and beat the holy hell out of her. Me and a few other people jumped in to break it up. No chance. Less than 10 minutes later, flood lights came on, the music stopped, and John Q. Law and his brothers stormed in and made everyone leave. Talk about a sad state of affairs on the rave scene. That was the last 'Rave' I'll ever go to. I stick to private parties now. 100- people. No glowsticks, plenty of deoderant, and very few crackheads. :) Lots of PLUR.

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