what the hell is happening, she has a few seeds at 8wks just on the tip-top!

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  1. got a sativa 2-3wks from harvest in a room full of females and all of a sudden i'm seeing a few seed developing..and yes seeds! also noticed it on my 2 northerns that are 6wks...whats going on. these all come from female clones...they had a day last week where my timer on my fans got messed up and it got 100d in there for about an hour or some but kicked AC on and cooled it down quick.....any thoughts would be great.
  2. Could any of your plants have hermied?
  3. Maybe, they have all been very female until I noticed today, nothing that is male looking..how do you tell? The 2 northerns look to have a few seeds and the sativa is next to them and she has only a couple. What should I do!
  4. Find the culprit and destroy it! Also, clean your grow area now, the pollen could get you in future grows too.
  5. So none show male pollin sacks, that i saw but the lights just went out, so I will check tomorrow. The fact that there are seeds means one of them went south. So I should yank all three? That blows!
  6. Should there be obvious male flowers? Or just buds with a few seeds!
  7. There should be some male flowers somwhere... check inside the bud colas..
  8. If it's only a few seeds and your eight weeks in, don't destroy the plants. Pick off the seeds with tweezers soon as you see them. Sometimes the plants try to reproduce on their own towards the end of their cycle. Even a male flower or two shouldn't be an issue. Wet them down and remove them. If you have younger plants in the same room then it could be a different story. Ive'd had to pick seeds off before, if it's only one ot two, don't let it worry you, just keep your eyes open.
  9. Here is a pic of a nanner, a.k.a. male flower

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