What the hell did i smoke?

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  1. i just started my freshman year of college and im living in the dorms. i started smoking in jan. and within the past 3 months i have been smoking alot. almost every day. but i met one of the kids on the floors and we got on to the topic of weed. he said that his roomate had really good headies. so he came down to my room and he showed me it. i looked at it under a lamp and it had A LOT of red THC hair things on it. but then i looked closer and it had crystals on it. they were clear with a little white on it. but it also was leafey. but he took out smoe broke it up with his fingers and put it in my bong. i took green hit and it was big, i usually take big hits. i my throat started to burn and i started coughing alot. i usually smoke good headies and i never cough. i took 3 hits, we talked for a little about weed and he said that back where he lives he has good contacts. we talked a little more then he left.

    after he left i sat down and started to feel really wierd. like my muscles were weak, and when i would stare at my desk and computer the two things start to make a picture of like people walking up a windey path. it seemed thke it was moving and not moving at the same time, like how i felt. the picture was see through tho almost like it was a halogram. then i started to contemplate my life and life in general. i felt anxious, its hard to decribe what i was feeling like it was wierd. then my leg started to shake and my muscles felt very weak and they ached. i dont know if i like this feeling.

    was my weed laced with something because i want try try more like try to take more than 3 hits off of my bong. i think i might start to like this weed verry much. by far my favorite. what what could my weed have been?

    sry about the long post im just curious.
  2. the crystals are a good thing. just dont confuse them with mold.
  3. this was the craziest weed i have ever smoked
  4. Sounds like you smoked some good herb and got higher than usual :)
  5. dude buy it all and mail that shit to me.
  6. it seems like you just smoked some grade A dank. it wasnt laced or anything, just really good weed im assuming
  7. but isnt good weed expensive. he told me he paid $75 for a quarter. he did tellme that he had GOOD contacts that were his best friends and that they new alot of people. im thinking that those friends grow their own. or there god friends grow.
  8. man you just got really blazed.
  9. you smoked weed. either some good shit or your tolerance is low.

    let me tell you a quick story:
    3rd time ever smoking i took bud from my dads house, from his GF who had some type of cancer in her throat so she had it for that i guess. regardless i rolled up a nice size J for me and a friend we smoked it everything was good for a bit then colors started changing on me red was bright orange apparently. my whole body was shaking and my mouth was so dry that i was just crumbling goldfish in my mouth then taking a sip of water to even be able to get it down. i was up for hours shaking and scared while my friend laughed at me till he fell asleep.
    i swore id never burn again because i was scared it would happen again. well needless to say i burned the next day and its never happened again. i had a good friend think he was on fire and sat in the snow for 30min before he puked. with a low tolerance good weed can FUCKKKK you up.

    well hope i helped or atleast made someone laugh at me:smoking:
  10. what strain could it be i asked him and he didnt know
  11. Sounds like it was just a good experience with really dank bud.
  12. i wouldnt really give a shit what strain it is sounds like some legit shit that you had no previous experience with and you ve got a good price too hell yeah smoke it and be happy
  13. its ok junior lol jp it wasent laced just be REALLY good friends with that guy and you will get dank just like it.
  14. Can't really tell that from the description, the only thing we can tell you is that it was dank :smoking:
  15. Pics next time maybe??
  16. it was more than just dank it was increadible. i think the things i thought about may have changed me as a person. i feel different. i feel clearer if that makes sence

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