what the hell could this be? (rash? psn ivy?)

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, May 17, 2006.

  1. Its on my hand .. right now like 10 bumps on left hands fingers and 1 bump on the right..

    okay ive had psn ivy in past and this doesnt seem like it .. but it itches ..

    Okay so ushally psn ivy breaks out in a cluster right? well these are more spread out and there like white bumps (look like a face pimple thats overdue for a popin..) .. they itch like all hell and hurt to the touch ..

    thers also 2 bumps on my left wrist (there almost gone tho scratched off like 3 days ago ;o)

    wtf is this shiz?
  2. Wash your hands with glycerin soap, smoke a bowl, wait it out.
  3. ive been washin hands every 20 mins.. rince w/ hot water .. then cold then soap it up redo hot / then cold and dry.. go sit down .. feels fine then when i feel it itch again i go back

  4. Ehhh itches suck. Theres anti-itch cream that works pretty well, you can probably find em at a pharmacy, and plus there you can ask someone if they know more about what you have.
  5. Didn't happen to stick your whole arm up an infected twat did ya?
  6. Ever had Chicken Pox???
  7. yar not chicken .. and not from stanky pOOTy tang ither
  8. Well if you have bumps on the left hand and one bump on the right, i think we can rule

    out allergic reactions.

    It itches right? Have you been out in the woods or anything like that??

    I'm thinkin poison ivy
  9. If you have been in a lot of sun lately I'D say it might be sun poisoning. My sister gets it when she goes on vacation. Almost like a ton of itchy bug bits on the back of here hands and fingers. Calamine (sp?) might be your best bet.
  10. poinson oak maybe.

    BUT i like the infected twat idea most. lol.

    BUT yes go get some hydrocortozone(sp?) i have 3 bottles of that, and 2 tubes of the gel form. lol.

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