What THE fuck?!

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  1. Aright so i was walking from my house to go meet up with some friends down at the liquor store. On my way i see some older , short asian dude walking on the side walk that i was about to be on .

    I walked in the street for a second to get out of his way so he could pass trying to be a nice guy. (Because the sidewalk is going over a small bridge going over some train tracks , and its about 2 feet wide . )

    The old asian dude asks me a question i couldn't understand due to his thick ass accent. I stop turn around and say "what?"

    He says "My car died when i stepped on the gas it just turned off , do you know how to fix ?"

    I said "Nah i dont know about cars ... "

    He replied " Oh damn ... You got any weed? "

    I said " Nope i don't got shit ."

    This fucker replies " Oh ok can i ask you a question you promise you not get mad? "

    I said "Yeah whats up? "

    THIS MOTHERFUCKER SAYS " ok promise not to get mad " with a serious ass face on

    " I want to suck your cock. "

    THIS DUDE WAS DEAD SERIOUS. If we weren't on a main street i would have knocked him up and down and over that fuckin bridge. I dont even know what the fuck to make of this :confused:

    I was like :confused::confused::mad:

    That shits not cool. But i think dude was on something , or something cause right after that he walked to the train tracks and just was standing in the middle of them.

    Wierd shit always happens to me
  2. Haha take that shit as a compliment! at least you know you're not ugly be asian man standards:hello:
  3. hahahawhat the fuck
  4. sounds like he was on something not related to this site. and what the heck was he just standing on the tracks. not normal at all.
  5. You guys shoulda saw the look on my face when he said that ahaha
  6. not that big of a deal. beating him up would probably have been a hate crime.
  7. What THE fuck?! You promised you wouldn't get mad, liar

  8. Haha i thought about that when i walked away too
  9. He's probably just trying to fuck with you. Literaly!
  10. awww..shucks. You made a new friend. :D

  11. definitely on drugs

  12. no homo?
  13. Hahahaha wtf? what a weirdo... i cant believe that would actually happen. he had to have been on something.
  14. You showed him your O-face? :eek:

  15. ummmmmm sorry if you're homosexual, but gettnig asked by a random to preform a sexual task is one of the most rediculous things you can say/do to a person..... ever

    unless you are dressed in some nice panty hose, heels, and a skimpy shirt with a skirt on a street corner, no random mans should be asking for a blow job. or in prison i guess.

    op hahah thanks for sharing. funny that shit always happens to you aswell hahaha.

    when you wre walking away did you keep turnign your head around your shoulder, in case he was gonna rape you RAWRRRRRR :devious:
  16. saying "no homo" after saying something homo doesnt make it un-homo.
  17. he obviously didn't have that asian persuasion :ey:lol

  18. Yeah i was i was making sure he wasn't following me or anything or i would of had to pull out the bruce lee moves. :cool:
  19. Sounds to me like this asian man has wanted to suck many dicks, and this was simply another failure in his quest to suck a dick. After you obviously got mad after hearing his question, the asian man went to wait for a train to come kill him, out of shame.

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