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  1. So generally, Boulder colorado is a quite, happy nature place. But not today, so ive been at work since 8:30 MDT keep in mind. So apparently at a stove and flooring place less than 1 block from my work, 3 fucking people are shot and killed. I can see the place, and there were ambulances cops, the whole deal, so i figured, oh someones hurt or something. But 3 peeps shot and killed at 11:09, suspect still at large, the killer coulda walked right in here 30 seconds after and taken a piss and i wouldnt have know, the police NEVER called to warn us there may be a fucking murderer near us, very near us. WOAH sorry as i type 5 cop cars zoom past. its like fucking LA here today sirens all day people running about trying to figure out whats going down SHIT dude

    Police: 3 bodies found inside Boulder Stove & Flooring shop, 'no indication' suspect at large - Boulder Daily Camera
  2. become batman and save the city.
  3. haha save this city... it didnt need saving till 11:09 today fuck im un prepared. Im just really frustrated that 3 peeps are killed by someone, that is NOT in custody less than a block from here and no cops call to warn us, or any business around here in fact. AND they were ordered to do extra surveilance on that place where it happened, i smell a police slip up right here. I bet they fucking did it
  4. this is exactly why you need to become a millionare, get busted by the police for shipping drugs, get sent to a remote prison, realize that your dead parents would want you to fight crime to avenge their deaths, get out of prison, hike up a mountain, get trained by ninjas

    blow up the ninjas palace, wait for your butler to pick you up in a plane, get back to your hometown and devise the batman suit. Show up right before the guy kills the people and kick his ass.
  5. then, i should kinda go under ground for a few months, till some mother fucker comes and robs banks all dressed like a joker, or what not, then find out hes totally just robbing them cause he can, not for the cash, and i take the cash, instead of letting him burn it all like a fucking dumbass, and i buy us all a huge sack of weed and we live happily ever after, cause IMO christain bails is a fucking asshead
  6. whoa thats crazy dude i figured colorado was a pretty chill place.
  7. haha colorado is chill, doesnt say shit about the people here tho.

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