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What the Fuck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rindy88, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. So this is how last night went down. I went to go pick up 3o's of regs for me and two other people. I gave them the money and they went to pick up the shit. I would have gone with them if i didn't have someone with me, and we werent in the best of areas so i didnt want to leave the person with me there. So i decided to follow them to were they were going to pick it up. They told me to wait at a park and they would be right there with the shit. I get a call 5 minutes later and they say "the dealer took the money and handed them 1 bag (which was an ounce) and got out of the car." And so from there i said ok call him up and get my fucking money back i dont want 1 i need 3 to split between three people. (And when we were arranging this all day, they were always pushing this one ounce that they had, but we talked them down to 3 os for 350 (116 from each person)). Which is a good deal, 3 os of regs for 350. So from here i am like "what the fuck, i am going to have to kick some ass." They said they could get my money back in 2 days, i was like fuck that (i dont trust dealers worth shit). So i thought the best thing for me to do at that moment was to take the weed that they had to offer and make the best of it. I didnt want to do anything that i would regret later so i decided to be calm with the situation. And if i tried to bully these kids around it would have been one versus two, and they probably would fight dirty. I took the ounce of weed home told my other buddy what happened. But we looked at this shit under the light and this shit was dank as hell, between three of us we were passing the bowl and we got fucked up after 5 bowl packs. They said it was really good chronic but this shit doesn't look at all like chronic. Give me some of your guess's input on this situation. Thanks!!!
  2. 5 bowls seems like quite a few it it were some dank, it should take around 1 or 2.
    I'm not for violence.
    So i just say count your losses, and try not to deal with this punk again.
    And try and lose the middle man.
  3. It was 5 bowl packs between 3 people we were passing it around. And i think the kids that we were dealing with were minors, and i believe that the self defense law for adults against minors is that they have to hit u 3 times before u can do anything with out being punished. And with weed in the situation i didn't want the cops showing up, so i felt like i made the adult decision. And pay back is a bitch for these kids.
  4. $350 for 3oz? Damn you guys got ripped.
    I guess $350 for a cheerio of fire is good but its still kinda high. :smoking:
  5. yeah i know the regs were high im used to paying around 90-100 dollars at the most for an ounce. We ended up paying 116 for each ounce between 3 people. So we were all ok with paying an extra couple dollars so we could land some green.
  6. The dealer didn't steal your money, man. Your friends did. I have been in the same situation. Don't front money!
  7. Dude these guys weren't my friends. I think these kids were the dealers. I think they just bullshitted everything and only had the ounce of chronic to offer. I dont think they ever had 3 os of regs. So these kids were straight up queers. Its all good they have something coming their way that they dont see coming.
  8. Thats why im glad i do jiu jitsu. In sutations like this a flying armbar is nescescary
  9. Lol i fight dirty, i probably would have done something stupid. I'm a ground and pound guy myself. But i am also an adult and would have gotten fucked by the law. Cause i bet those queers would have been snitches. Like everyone says "snitches get stitches"!:devious:
  10. Dude they were in a weed deal how can they rat on you?
  11. Yeah true but i also had no idea were the fuck we were at.
  12. Bunch of punk as lets get em they got karma coming back around
  13. id say, stab em in the liver and watch em bleed out.
  14. This isnt a video game kids. lol
  15. lol. true, im assuming you're 18 cause you're on the forums. were they just some punk lil kids are were they your own age? if they were your age, i woulda thrown down for sure.
  16. Nah im 20 and there age was debatable between 16-18 not sure. I think they were either 17 or 18.
  17. yea, thats a sticky situation. its cool tho, i kno some kids who thought they were invincible... now they're 12k in debt and their dealers bitch until its paid off. its sad.
  18. Nah im brewing up some ideas for these kids so they are in for a treat.
  19. good shit, some people needa be knocked off their pedestal.

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