What the fuck?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. What the fuck? People are so fucking scandalous. Today I was trying to get a bag, so I asked this kid if he could get a bag. He said to meet him at the payphone, so I did, and I gave him my money and he was going to give it to me at lunch like he always does. So I met him there and I got it and we went to smoke it. I glanced at it looked kinda small, but what the hell. We got in the car and went to a friends, and I opened the bag. It was a ziploc, but it was all heat sealed so you couldn't open the back to get a good look. I rip it open, what the fuck, why is it all wet? Fuckin little, green, paper towels. Someone wadded up pieces of paper towels and colored them green, then got them wet and shaped them like little nugs. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!????

    So we went back to school to look for the kid, i was sooooo pissed off, i punched a locker. WTF? Then I found him, I went over to him:

    HIM: what?
    HIM: what?
    HIM: what?

    HIM: that's fucked up.
    HIM: that's fucked up, I'll try to get your money back.

    At this point people were starting to look, and I can't get caught "being uncurteous and disrespectful" I will get kicked out for the rest of the year, so I was like "you better fuckin' get my money back" and I walked away, punched somethin' else and went to class.


    Wow, that took me over an hour to type, what the fuck? I found this bag in my dads room and it had a whole bunch of old ass shake that turned to powder and it musta been some chronic buds because it was hella crystaly. I grabbed the bong, loaded a bowl, and toked it up. I got the fattest bong rip and I held it in which made me choke and I swallowed the whole bong hit! Absolutely no smoke came out of my mouth, It hurt so bad and I couldn't exhale it. Then I thought I was gonna die. I had to burp so bad, but I was choking and it wouldn't come out, tears were rolling out of my eyes and I had to lay down. It sucked, but now i'm so high:). I figure I deserve a bong hit after my day.
  2. my one cent thought about this.....i HATE punks that rip people off....like the S#*T isnt pricey ENUFF!!!!!!
    i hope you get your fundage back,...
  3. lol, oh man i feel for ya...ive been there... never with wet paper towels, but ive been there.

    lol make sure you burp all that smoke up...my friend liked to swallow smoke and not burp it up, so he could have chronic farts all day...soon after that, i stopped hangin out with him and his marijuana-intestinal fetishes
  4. Thanks for the support. I was so pissed off. that was all my bud money for the whole week. Fuckin' punks.
  5. dood that sucks a ton ive been sold lettuce that was seeled like that and dried(looked decently real) but now i know to check it when i get it if the dealer doesnt want u to check sumthins wrong check anyways... or buy from ppl you trust.
  6. I did trust the kid, i have bought shit from him many times and I know him pretty well. He said that he picked it up from this one kid and didn't even look at it, but I think he just tried to rip me off, and it looked decent through the bag and I couldn't exactly look at it in the middle of the main entrance to school.
  7. What a stupid guy!
    If you're a regular of his, why try to rip off your future services?
    I would say, next time he asks you a favor, leave him in women's underwear in public (metaphorically speaking).

    Good thing karma got you back with that shake from your dad, hey it all comes full circle & he'll get his.

    Break that bag open next time girl, stop hookin up @ school so you can inspect before you leave the seller :)

    Sorry people are so shady up there for ya, hope you find a more reliable seller.

    We had a guy who never dirted us out but he started to deal coke and we straight dropped him because he was "supashadez" because I feel it's morally wrong to supply hard drugs to young kidz. Even though we were just buyin' weed from him, for some reason I felt like I was supporting his less-than-noble activities near the school.

    If I were you I'd drop that sucka and just say sorry man, based on principles even if HE was the one who got ripped, he should ALWAYS check the stash he gets before he sells, otherwise he's just as bad for passin' it on to you.

    Hope you don't get slammed next time around!!
    xo girl!
  8. I do thank karma for that shake, I got so high. It was the ultimate bong substance. After I didn't think I was going to pass out anymore and I could breath again I was so happy, but my hand still hurt.
  9. Heheh
    Lately we've been getting a strain they call Blue Dot (? I never have heard of it until about 6 mos ago) which gets you so baked.. You take a rip or 2.. And your fingers tingle, and you zone so long/hard that you forget whose hit it is, and once that bowl is done so are YOU for a couple hours anyhow!
    Talk about economical pot!

    Oh and rolling j's of the stuff, well ya might as well get curlied up in bed and set the alarm if you need to go to work the next day !! LOL

    See karma got ya back, maybe not full-fold but the wisdom you gain from unfortunate situations, well that's precious, and will help you fall into good karma in the future.

    As for your friend, if I were you I'd start tellin everyone you know who buys from him what happened, unless you'd rather stay on the DL because of your current "probation" @ school. Keep your friends from getting bummed too!
  10. I came up on some money and bought some chronic today, three knife hits and I was thoroughly baked. good stuff.
  11. that was funny as hell, i don't like to start shit, but you sound like a little bitch, makin up excuses and then wining online.. you shoulda rushed that mutherfucker, and tazed him, battoned him or maced him or somethin... shiit get a blowgun or somethin, i know grips of people that carry this shit around wit em, when you get jacked you gotta retaliate, you know it was that bitch fire his ass up. if he was the middle man he would have noticed the buds, cuz he woulda pinched.. you got jacked. i'm guessin it wasn't a big amount of bud, so don't worry shit happens all the time. he'll get his.

  12. No offense, but you sound like a wannabe hard ass thug. Also, the "grips" of people you know are fucking idiots. your totally right, I should have brought a weapon to school and threatened someone, that's really fucking smart. Not to mention i'm a fucking teenage girl and he's a big ass guy, you fuckin' retard.
  13. You Go!Damn!! Here take a hit and chill!
  14. Sup 420girl!
    I think the dude definately tried to rip you off. If I was you I would totally fuck with him mentally if you know what I mean. Mess with his head. I'm sure you're smarter than he is. For example...you could make up rumors about him. Hand out flyers at school with a picture of him naked on it saying he's having a party at his house this weekend (superimposed, of course). Maybe you could flirt with him and then tell him you'll tell everyone he sells to that he tried to rip you off if he doesn't get you some real buds or something. Just some ideas I've got to throw out now that I'm high.
    Got a job interview in an hour, wish me luck.

  15. You go girlfriend!!!!!!

  16. I couldn't help it, I had to do it, it needed to be done.
  17. Your comeback sounded exactly what I thought a 17tr old girl would say.LOL!
  18. I'm glad I didn't let you down. *lol*
  19. ...you fuckin hype, i never said to do it in school. but definately retaliate, do you not have any friends that are guys? if one of my friends had that happen to them i'd do somethin for them, i don't expect a girl to start a brawl with a guy, even tho i do know girls that have the balls. you obviously don't tho, and most girls wouldn't. i wasn't tryin to start shit, i was just sayin not to take shit, cuz it'll just happen again. jacking girls is easy cuz yes, they do never retaliate, he wouldn't expect it if you did, thats all i'm sayin.


  20. Dude, take some advice form and old man.. Don't try argueing with a women. I been married for 10 years and benn chasing girls before you were born. And you can't win no fight with a women . ever . period. It may take fifty years but htey will get the last word always.

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