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What the fuck? Where can I get one!!?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by TobieTobie, May 27, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Vortex Pipe (1)[/ame]

    I can't find any headshops or other videos of this pipe.
    My friend sent it to me.
    Does anyone know who made it, brand, site where they sell?
    That trippy trail of smoke has completely left me in awe.
  2. wow that is sick as fuck dude i have never seen one of those before! i want one so bad and am googling it as we speak lol look at grasscity and see if they have one on their online head shop.
  3. Couldn't find them on GC, or on google.

  4. woops my bad its against the rules to post other sites. my bad gc
  5. Yeah, but that site only had water pipes, not the specific vortex pipe. :(
  6. looks cool.... until it resis up and turns brown.
  7. dammit dude maybe go hit up your local head shop and ask them if they can get one and special order it or something.
  8. thats fucking sickkkkkkkk, totally convinced me to buy one of their products if theyre available.
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    thats why you keep it nice n clean with iso and salt:cool: I too have been dying to find one of these here pipes and they are no where ive only found the above video, sucks:(
  10. so fucking sick want one real bad
  11. That's such a sick pipe; I googled it a while back and couldn't find anything either so good luck with that.

    That's pretty much true of bongs too. That's why you clean them.
  12. It appears to be a V-Tek pipe. I don't know much about it except from googling, but perhaps you can glean some more info off "V-Tek".
  13. The smoke shop I go to all the time has them. They actually have a few different kinds. I forgot who makes them but can ask next time I go. The are really nice but kinda pricey, for example a piece like the one in the video would cost around $120. Supposedly because the smoke never touches the walls it takes longer to get resin build up. I'll let you know when I find more details.
  14. I wouldn't doubt it if it wasn't a "name" brand and was just a local blower who sold to the headshop.

  15. Wow! I can't see any reason to pay $120 for a clear glass spoon, regardless of how the smoke flows. :confused:

    If I saw that in a head shop for like $20 or something though, I might buy it. It's definitely trippy to watch. :p
  16. Since I only have access to the internet on my sidekick, I can't see the video. I found this on another website that will not be disclosed.
  17. yeah, dry pipes aren't my thing and I definitely wouldn't pay 120 for something that simple. Shit, trikky could probably blow something like that for you, hit him up about it, his sig has the email to order from. (Support a fellow blade ;))
  18. The futre of smoking thats how they smoke in space man!
  19. whose trikky? do you gotta pay this dude or just make a donation or what?
  20. I want one. Like really REALLY want one. Ill have to show this to my glass blower friend and see if he can make me one :D

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