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What the fuck? - Moments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by olylongbord11, May 14, 2011.

  1. Just had a what the fuck movement. I was thinking about goin to get more munchies from downstairs, so i did. But..

    Then i realized i didnt have any munchies. My drink was still gone, and my bowl of chips is still empty[small bowl, not a party bowl im not a fatass].

    What the fuck? i thought i went down there, but i never did. i realized i never moved and im completely weirded out by it.
  2. shit happens to me atleast once a month. i get so pissed off by it too because everytime i go to the kitchen high at night i get a sickly high going on but yeah ill end up thinking i went down packing a fat B-load ripping it up and reaching for the water that never existed.
  3. yeah this is my first bad case of it.
    Ive only smoked like half a bowl, but it was like 4 huge hits. I still got another bowl waiting for later too.
  4. I have so many I can't remember them. They're like a blur of fuck ups.
  5. You think that's bad, 2 nights ago I got super blazed and gave it to my girlfriend big style, rolled over and remembered, I don't even have a girlfriend, freaky shit

  6. You sound like a woman. Who actually hallucinates that much and is not genetically predisposed to schizophrenia?
  7. Cool story bro
    Nice try troll
  8. I was walking in the park and sat down and got up to start walking home and saw a cop car driving toward me A's the car stopped by me I noticed I didn't even leave my stoner spot In park
  9. Luckily ive never dealt with cops before, i know how to, i just havent ran into them.
  10. i was hoping this ended with and i remembered i didnt put a condom on...

    another fuckup though back in highschool i got so baked in my noobie days all day long it was miserable

    one day a girl who had a mutual attraction with me came up like HEY *** and i thought i said hey back but apparently i tossed my head up with attitude grunted and walked away.
  11. #11 Blackpaw78, May 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Yeah same I do get nervous walking home from my stoner spot because a cop is always parked along the way watching cars speeds
  12. I live about 7 miles outta town, so its in the state patrols jurisdiction, not the cops. I actually respect state patrol a lot more then the asshole pigs around here. But anyway, theres a back road i take behind all the main roads, two ways to get there by car, atleast 3 by walking, so if they drove there, they would still have a 15-20 minute walk on confusing trails that i know by heart, so they would never find me where ever i went.
    Super stoned, hope it made sense
  13. i just re read this holy shit thats funny

  14. this sounds like the megaforce version of pursuit of happiness video.
  15. Basically was, ive been getting more of these moments lately. Guess im getting better weed?:D:smoke:
  16. Im chillin, watching tv with the gf smoking a J. The channel changes and the remote isnt anywhere near us.. WTF?

    Except the remote was lost, it was on the spannish channel for a week[not so bad, then got boring..FML], then THE LEARNING CHANNEL for 2 weeks[FMLx2] and now its stuck on syfy, which is prefectly cool with me.

    Still trying to find the remote.
  18. Me and my friend were ripped and we were in my basement watching some trippy videos on my xbox 360 in the dark on a 55 inch sony, next thing we know the light bulb behind us turns on...turns out we unscrewed all the bulbs to make it lol noobie days
  19. Me and my buddy were smoking in the woods at the park with this chick. We think we hear someone coming, so I hide the bowl and whats left of out weed under a pile of leaves by this tree. We dip out of the woods and come back like 10 minutes later when the coast was all clear. Me and my friend go to find the bowl in the woods. We were totally ripped, and had no idea where we hid the thing. We stood in one spot looking for the tree we hid the bowl by for like 20 minutes. Suddenly, the chick we were smoking with says "Isn't right next to where you guys are standing?". Holy shit, there was the bowl! It was the craziest thing that ever happend to me in my whole life. It was almost like my mind forgot where it was but my body carried me to where it was anyway. I couldn't get over it for the rest of the day. Idk, maybe im just high.

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