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What the fuck just happened.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickCannonFTW, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Ok, so here I am in my room chillin on GC making threads and shit. I start to break up some of my bud for a joint. My dad who I thought was asleep, comes in and looks at me and says," oh so you smoke weed too." goes to his room and gives me about 3 grams of some dank shit and is like "I do too." then leaves!
  2. Now is when you ask him to buy you a super high end bong so you and him can have some bonding time with it.
  3. What happened = your dad was not buzzkillington.
  4. man you are so lucky to have the type of relationship
  5. Wordd
  6. These are the type of experiences I missed out on when I still lived at home. I'm going to be sure to smoke with my kids when they are mature enough.
  7. what happened was your dad gave you weed
  8. my dad smokes weed everyday when he gets home from work, i dont live with him but will be moving in to the appartment above him for free in a few months. iv been wanting to just come out with it for a long time now and ask him if i can smoke with him but im kinda shy about asking him that. when he goes down to smoke he lies and tells me hes going down to check on his plants ( he grown veggies and flowers for the summer in his bacement ) so sence he lies about it i dont know if i should ask him or not...of course im sure one of these days we will cetch eachother at some point lol
  9. sooo lucky!
  10. plants in your basement eh, are you sure your paps aint growing some ganj

  11. This, I bet he is haha.... plants in the basement..... 3g's of dank

    id go do some hunting, you never know, he could have a whole room down there closed off or an old closet you never knew about lol.
  12. you have the greatest dad ever god i wish i was you
  13. Be sure t get him something nice for Father's day

  14. haha you must be blowed, plants in the basement, is somebody differnt, then the person that got 3gs of dank.
  15. WOW is wish, that's a fucking dream for my father to say something like that . .

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