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What the fuck just happened

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VeiledReality, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. This is the kind of hate I'm talking about. Permanent ban? :mad:
  2. he cares because he's embarrassed upon your behalf.

    by that point of view, since your mom had sex with a retarded person to make you, calling your mom a tramp of a woman, or your dad a retarded waste of space would'nt be insulting because it fits?

    the normal way to refer to a gay person, in my experience, is homosexual, maybe even sometimes queer.

    ****** was a popular word at one point in time, why should that be considered offensive?

    get the fuck off of your soapbox, you bigot fuck

  3. dude, he was saying everyone needs to receive the same, non discriminatory treatment.
  4. wtf are u talking about how the fuck is the word gay derogetory toward gays when it is used correctly? homosexual is the technical term. gay is the mostly used term. y would gays have a parade and call it a gay pride parade if they thought it was insulting.
  5. gotta love the internet, lol.

    but that dude sounds like he's full of it. and who cares what he thinks anyways, you're the one with the good weed. that's all that really matters.

    oh, and as far as gay goes. . . i think a word is only as insulting as you want it to be. its just a word. sticks and stones.
  6. loll at the gay argument. Who the fuck cares if someone is calling something gay or not, if someone whos actually gay goes and cries everytime he hears the word then too bad, what can you do about it? Its just a word people get over it.

  7. thats all i was trying to say the whole time then that one guy had to act like he was the delagated leader for gay ppl and hes not even gay. i dont get it
  8. i'm not bashing on anyone, yet you continue to bash me. i explained how i meant it and you still continue to call me an 'ignorant fuck.' multiple people have agreed with what i said to be true, that other guy was right too, the primary meaning of the word gay has changed dramatically over the years.

    i can tell that you have no respect for my way of thinking, i can tell that you won't give up until you're 'right.'

    so i will let you have this one.


    so it will make you gay!
  9. that's the point i am trying to prove, it's just a word. it can have thousands of meanings. this dude just thinks i am bashing on homosexuals
  10. #50 sinsemillaplease, Nov 2, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2009
    It's funny how you go from victimizing other people by using the word gay in a derogatory manner to painting yourself as a victim. You're not a victim of bashing... you're the one doing it. When you attach negative connotations to a word used for sexual orientation you victimize the people who identify with that orientation. That is a fact and is not up for debate.

    It doesn't matter how many bigots you can get to endorse your illogical viewpoint... its still wrong and it still offends. I'll pose the same question I asked before:

  11. are you speaking for the entire homosexual community? i have friends that are gay that use the word in the same context that i did. it doesn't offend them. but hey, we all just must be fucking stupid for not using it the way you would like us to use it lol
  12. Maybe you've forgotten exactly how YOU used the term previously. Though there are obviously separate meanings for the term you clearly chose a derogatory negative meaning.

    Your use is not accepted by any legitimate dictionary to be anything more than a demeaning insult that derives its negative connotations from the lgbt community.
  13. Ahahahahahahah that happens to me all the time. I tell people I get dank, I show them, they tell me "oh I can get better then that" and when you ask them something like "do you like indicas or sativas better?" and they go "what the fuck is that?"
  14. You just move from one illogical defense to the next. So you think because some lgbt individuals don't observe the damage the term does to their peers or care about it that it should be ok to offend and persecute everyone who does? That makes just as much sense as the argument that slavery was cool because some blacks participated as traders and didn't see a problem with it. Your position is absurd.
  15. copied from That's so gay! -

    \t If you live in a decent-sized city and you are gay (or straight with a lot of gay friends), you or someone you know has declared something gay in the last week. Not gay as in homosexual, but gay in that grade-school "That is so gay!" way, i.e. lame, wrongheaded, queer in the original sense.

    \t This is happening all around you. That woman's hairdo? Gay. That book jacket? Gay. The fact that Dick and Lynne Cheney won't talk about their lesbian daughter? Gay gay gay.
    \t "I use it so much I don't even think about it. It's like coughing," says Jose Muqoz, associate professor at New York University and author of "Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics."

    \t "Everyone loves it," says Cris Beam, a 28-year-old writer in Los Angeles. "I remember saying it at the Gay Pride Parade this year and it was hilarious -- everyone was so thrilled to have it come back, because we'd all forgotten about it. We wanted to say it again and again and again."

    \t And it's not just gay people who are saying it. Those gay-acting straight men are saying it, as are straight women who either have a critical mass of gay friends or have slept with enough women that they feel they can say whatever the hell they want.
  16. SLH > G13

    Both are nice strains but, G13 is definately not at the top.
  17. this should be the "what the fuck just happened to my thread", thread.
  18. Your argument is invalid and irrelevant. Everyone is doing it is a bandwagon fallacy. Whether or not the use is widespread has absolutely nothing to do with it being discriminatory, hateful and offensive.

    If you find solace in the fact that many others share your propensity to be hateful towards an entire community, I pity you. I'm sure members of the Nazi party and the KKK also found solidarity in numbers. Does their number and prevalence make their beliefs and actions defensible? The answer is obviously hell no.

  19. for the last time using the word gay is not hateful or offensive. its just the way it is. and there is no point in mentioning nazi's or kkk's into this argument cuz its "irrelevant". thats just my oppinion dont get ur panties in a bunch.
  20. Defending the word gay for being used as a insult is just someone's sexual attraction to the same sex,right?. It's like someone Defending the word cocksucker for being used as a insult. it's just someone's sexual attraction to cocks,right??.and like i said before,the homosexual community took it upon themselves to be called gay.Before gay just meant happy,now it means your attracted to the same sex??I should just take it upon myself to have the word awkward mean Baby eater. homosexuals were never enslaved like blacks don't you ever make the comparison.There not as oppressed as you make them sound.

    OP:sorry dude for turning your thread into a gay-fest

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