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What the fuck just happened

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VeiledReality, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. OK so my friend brings over his cousin,who only stays for about 10 mins,while he was here I showed him my stash,I took out a jar of G-13xHash plant,I open it,he smells it does'nt even relally look at it.

    He said "oh i can get better stuff than this,i thought you were gonna show me some other shit"

    Im like wtf this G-13 is probably the most potent smelling and dankest looking bud i've seen in a while.It rivals anything posted to "stash jar".

    And he tells me he smokes on better shit,come on how dank can bud get,is there some like super duper godly marijuana that i haven't seen,come on.

    All this coming from a guy who did'nt know what sativa or indica meant.

    I asked him what is your fav sativa or indica,he was like "huh".

    Was he bullshitting or is there really better stuff than this,I can't really imagine it.
  2. No pics so we really can't give you an answer... but by the sounds of it your guy was one of those dudes whose ego and self-esteem is tied to his ability to one up everyone in everything. There are plenty of people out there like that who will incessantly claim that they've seen, had or owned the best of everything. Just roll your eyes at them and move on.
  3. That's the thing he did'nt give me that vibe,he was like real cool about it not even trying to impress me,he just said it blankly.
  4. post pics of your stash maaaaaaaan

  5. My stupid ass camera got lost somewhere by somebody who was'nt me,I hate roommates.
  6. pot is pot, it all gets ya high, some strains higher than others. but any person that is snobby about how much more potent the strain they have is, is gay

    that kids cousin is gay
  7. People really still use that as an insult... lame dude.
  8. dude man was talking out of his ass, reminds me of one of my boys. fucking egotistic people. like kanye "gay fish" west
  9. it wasn't really an insult?

    say someone broke into your house and stole everything you owned, you'd probably think that was pretty GAY

  10. Hey man fuck that shit,I've had my house broken into before,it's a bitch.

    I'm just the kind of person that hates having his shit downgraded,especially if it's some of the best I've had.which it is.
  11. You used "gay" as an insult, which is really ignorant of you, especially because there are multiple gay members of these forums. Using gay as an insult is pretty god damned stupid, expand your vocabulary.

    And I wouldn't think much of this person that claimed they had better, you should have asked him to prove it and smoked him out.
  12. like i said, wasn't an insult, where i am from everyone says it. not as an insult for bashing on homosexuals. i guess what i was trying to do was use it as a synonym for lame.

    but go ahead, bash me for it, i wouldn't have said it if i knew if it was going to piss you guys off so bad.
  13. Damn I would have told that kid to prove it as well, lol. Also who the fuck cares about saying somethings "gay?" I thought people stopped crying over words a long time ago, it's the internet and people can say whatever the fuck they want, so stop ruining this thread over the word "gay".
  14. My suspicion is that your cousin smokes mids or schwag and was jealous that you have that fire, so he started talking out of his ass.
  15. everyone says they got the best, u hear it alot from dealers though.
  16. #17 weednotcrack, Nov 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 1, 2009

    hahah i still use the word gay,but to describe a situation as something that is queer ,a situation can be gay,but it can't be fag,you what i mean? fag just means cigarette so it would make no sense,who says "man that's fag" just sounds lame. "man, that's gay" it rolls off the tongue and is the same as saying "man, that's queer" . so to that one guy tripping on "gay" beening a bad??

    to the OP: that dude is just arrogant. if he smoke some of what you had in a bong...hahaha..he probably think you laced it :devious:

  17. the difference between the 'stash jar' and ur G-13 is pics. i understand u lost ur camera, but its 2009, almost 2010. use ur cellphone. even if the quality wont be as good as a actual camera, if it is dank as u say, it would show a little. im not saying ur lying, just a little skeptical. but u basically did the same thing. saying the kid's cousin must be lying cause he doesnt have proof.
  18. Just smoke the stuff, man.
  19. sounds like a dick

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