what the fuck just happened

Discussion in 'General' started by Pinhead Larry, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Today, for April fools, i decided to play a prank on a random person, you know, for lolz. Anyway I had planned out the whole thing, I would dress up in a fancy black suit, find some poor gullible bastard and convince him i'm from a secret organisation that carries out assassinations for moneyting, and then i'd just make some bullshit up on the spot like there's a killer after you and i've been hired to protect you or something. After many hours of searching about the local town center and telling people i'm some kind of secret agent, this guy walks up to me, wearing an all black suit, and says "There's a man following you, he knows you're looking for him" and walks off before i can say anything. At this point all i can think is what the fuck just happened, i turn to shout this guy back, but i notice someone staring at me from some alley, like giving me some death stare, but I just guess it's some guys who overheard me asking all those people and thought let's fuck with this guy, so i just walk into mcdonalds to get a burger. As i'm eating my delicious but shit burger, the same guy i saw staring at me walks into the Maccy D's, and sits two tables over from me, doesn't order or anything, now i'm getting paranoid, all i can think is what the fuck is going on? I grab my shit and haul ass, but as i'm leaving the guy in the suit bumps into me, he mutters something like "go home, and keep an eye out for anything shady" before walking off again. I jib to the bus stop and get on any bus that goes near mine, nothing happened so i guess i was just some guys fucking about, but damn mang, what the fuck.
  2. Sounds like they planned the same prank you did.
  3. Looks like you got out-trolled lol cool story
  4. your prank < that guys prank
  5. Come the fuck on.

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