What the fuck is wrong with me?

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    Greetings grasscity.
    Iv'e got this very strange issue with me whenever I'm super stoned Iv'e got these weird body twitches, it's almost like certain parts of my body are shaking unintentionally or jolting. It's a very weird sensation and I never twitch or do that when I'm not high. I really love that feeling when you're stoned and you smell fresh, you know take a shower, freshen up, it's a great feeling. I better get going now these twitches are fucking with me. :smoking::smoking::wave:
    Edit: Jesus christ, I act illiterate when I'm stoned.
  2. Have you been smoking for a long time? I haven't and when I get really high, I get the same twitches. It usually happens when I've got some great music going ;) But I've seen other people say the same thing - it happens for awhile and eventually goes away after you've smoked for awhile.
    If you've been smoking for awhile, maybe you just have a low tolerance or you just get to enjoy it? I personally love it.
  3. yea idk why but when i first started smokin that would happen to me too
  4. Ive been smoking for a while and i get them. Only in my legs though. Its fucking hilarious!
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    Iv'e been smoking for give or take a year. However, for the vast majority of it (around 97% I'd say would be accurate) Iv'e been smoking out of joints and pipes. Just recently Iv'e smoked of a bong (probably the past 1 or 2 highs) and they get me crazy high. They make me trip and feel like, really enthusiastic and great. It's so fucked up man, and I only take 1 hit or so and I'm fucked. I personally just really enjoy it, and when I mean enjoy it I mean embrace it; and it just makes me more creative and explore my brain more if ya feel me. Back when I first started smoking I didn't enjoy it that much so I guess I really didn't let the high happen.. I dunno if I'm making sense so I'm just gonna leave. But about the shaking body - it's never happened before the bong.
  6. Nah, I gotcha. It was a little nerve-wrecking at first (no pun intended) but it is quite fun! I think a lot of people have expectations for being high at first or are subconsciously paranoid...Once you just let it go, that's when you feel the best imo.
  7. holy shit yeah that makes sense. It makes me act so fucked up to, it's almost like I'm unintentionally talking like a philosopher and one of the most optimistic people on earth. It's really whacky, especially considering I have no idea I'm acting that out of place and weird until I'm sober. I literally can't control it, I dunno. I should probably avoid human interaction stoned :rolleyes:
  8. its because of a few different things that pot does in your brain. dopamine is responsible for the feeling of "reward" or "do this again" or "epiphany" or "elation". its all of those feelings. naturally, your brain will slow dopamine release when it has "had enough" but the pot keeps it from doing that, and the cannabanoids also mimick norepinephrine while increasing its release and uptake. norepinephrine causes your brain to engage more of your neurons at once on a single task or thought. this is why you trip out on stuff when ur stoned. that chemical magnifies all of your experiences from a cognitive standpoint causing a sort of hypersensitivity, which leads to the release of our good ole freind adreniline, which makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel anxious and paranoid. when you combine the the euphoric alertness of the dopamine, the hypersensitivity of norepinephine, and the jumpy nervousness of adreniline, you come out with crazy shit like panic attacks and leg twitches and what have you.
  9. My question for you is when do these ticks surface during your high? Does it happen when you are up & about or when you are laying down and relaxing?
  10. A bud of mine like looses controll of his legs, idk what the fuck he means but I've seen him just like collapse randomly when he's reely stoned and he like sits up and laghs and says he can't feel his legs....its the first time I've ever heard of some shit like that but yeah...its pretty funny when your stoned

  11. The vast majority of the time is when I'm relaxing. However once I stand up and start walking it feels as if my legs are made of jello, and like they can fall down from the weight of my upper body at any given time. It's the weirdest sensation Iv'e ever experienced, and I can't really explain it sober. It's almost like you're shivering, only in certain parts of your body (To narrow it down, my leg muscles will start having uncontrollable spasms). Maybe it's because my brain tricks my body into thinking it's actually cold when it's not? I'm not sure. But one time I was with my buddy in his car smoking then it started happening. There wasn't any space in the car so our legs were touching and he said he felt all my weird body movements.
  12. I get these in my legs when I'm baked, nothing strange I've seen the same in plenty other people aswell, nothing to worry about, not as bad as the twitches you get with MDMA lol
  13. Listen, the same shit happens to me a fair amount of times when I smoke, more frequently in cold weather. Do you actually feel cold when you're shivering? If so, that's exactly what happens to me. My body gets kinda shaky especially around the chest area (you know that feeling in your chest when your cold) and after that its pretty much just my legs that shake/shiver uncontrollably for a good ten minutes or so. I've posted about this before, and the best answer I can give you is that weed just makes you colder and you get the bad chills.

    Edit: I read your latest comment ( 2 above me) and we do both pretty much experience the same thing. Its pretty weird.

    As for when you said your legs feel like jello, that's happened to me too, though not while smoking weed. While in high school my legs would randomly start feeling tingly and almost like my legs would give out any moment. Hasn't really happened to me since high school..
  14. Only happens to me after a t-break
  15. Get a Blood Test by your Dr. to check your Vitamin Levels I think lack of Magnesium and Calcium can cause muscle twitches oh and taking Fish Oil or Omega 3s helps Lubricate your joints and might help. Also have you been using Alcohol heavily for this new years you might be experiencing some Withdrawals for that these are all just some things to consider it could just be nothing but some extra stress and or random occurrence.
  16. I do that too but it's usually because my house is temperature is below freezing.
  17. This is what I did when I was a noob

    It's a muscle twitch and the more you focus on it the more ya twitch

    My old nickname was shakey

    I'm now an 11yr toker and I wish I could get that high again

    Revel in it!
  18. Your heightened senses are picking up stimuli which subconciously make you do things.
  19. Be thankful you're not like me man - twitchy when you're sober, cos then you twitch like a motherfucker when you're stoned and it kinda sucks when you're with loads of people :laughing: oh well
  20. Yo man those twiches happen to me too. In fact im jolting now but I find that they hard to notice. Just go with the flow.

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