What the fuck is going on???

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  1. Obviously is the commies and their new, not so secret, undersea base.

  2. I think it's an alien base...
  3. Could be a buch of little bioluminescent things, a really big bioluminescent thing, or something else entirely.

    This has been my most useful post to date.
  4. Hopefully one of those ancient indian cities are popping back up from the depths of darkness yesssss. glowin and shat from the immense power generators. Atlantis anyone?..
  5. So does anyone know at what depth this glow is coming from? If it's near the surface, they should just sample the water at that location to see what's up.

    However, if it's from a considerable depth, we have a few things to consider:

    1. It's a lot brighter wherever this light source is located.
    2. If it IS from "glowing" bacteria, there must be a TON of it.
    3. It's probably messing with the deep sea fish that are used to little or no light conditions, haha.

    Also, has this always been here, or did they just discover this a few days ago?
  6. October 2005. Sweet.
  7. For some reason I was just thinking about this. It is probably what they think, bio-luminescent bacteria. Sunlight doesn't penetrate deeper than 1,000 meters, most of the light not even making it passed 200 meters. If it's deeper than 1,000 meters, we would probably barely even see it, even if we could. If it was that deep, it'd have to be more powerful than sunlight and would of probably boil the ocean...

    So it's probably just some bacteria close to the surface. Probably something like how the 17 year cicadas do, go fucking hog wild.

    I do think we need to get our asses down in the ocean depths to see exactly what is going on down there. They say we've explored less than 1%, which is fucking stupid cause who knows whats down there. There could be some chunk of pure gold chilling down there that's bigger than Texas x2.. Get down there and find old ass cities from billions of years ago that are in the process of being recycled in the Earth's core. We'd have to rethink everything if it turns out life cycled on the planet like that for longer than we would ever think possible.

    Fuck I'm :smoking:

    PS - I found this. Tiny micro-organisms that glow blue-green when disturbed. Maybe they're out in the ocean to some degree and hit some rough seas that agitated it enough to glow?

  8. Most likely this, bioluminescent bacteria. Occam's Razor people =P
  9. that must be where those somali pirates are spawning at.. check this shit out asap

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