what the FUCK did this guy take?

Discussion in 'General' started by thehybridlife, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Seriously, does anyone have an idea?<object height="350" width="425">

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  2. Clear cut case of Marijuana overdose.

    100% incurable.

    Lock him up and throw away the key.
  3. I concur.

    But on a serious note, i think he was slamming ( im assuming they mean slamming H) and he was close to ODing.
  4. Well at first they thought he was smokin meth, and now they think he was slamming it. I'm sure they mean slamming meth, because when I used to slam heroin, my pupils get really MALL. The way that guy reacted when he saw the pupils, I think they mst have been huge. WHen I did meth, my pupils got HUGE.
  5. Um , I'm guessing slamming means sticking needles in your arm, am I right? Because I'm not entirely sure.
  6. Yezzur, slamming = shooting up
  7. When i fist saw the thread i thought it was going be a PCP fit, then him nodding off in the car I thought he might be all bar'd or shot up. He looks too up to be on H but apparantly hes bootin up somethin.
  8. looks like he is on some kind of gnarly muscle relaxent
  9. LOL "I'm searching for the lord" Cop: "Oh lord! " That must be the sign of complete innebreation
  10. hes probably on straight h or on a speedball
  11. Sounds like he was tweaked out to the max.

    Ha that guy looks like hes on a good one.
  12. I don't care what you do in privacy but he shouldn't be in the sutation of being that fucked up in public.
  13. wow that guy was tweaked out!
  14. lol cops + meth doesnt look like a real comfortable feeling....i bet all that guy was feeling was crazy paranoia
  15. Since he denied everything whats that mean? The police can't charge him for possession. So how bad of a charge would he get for being "Intoxicated" in pubilics + whatever charge he got to be in the cop car in the first place.
  16. hahahha
  17. But what??......that shall remain one of life's great mysteries!!!!!!
  18. This was on cops. I'm pretty sure on the episode they found what ever he had, but I don't remember.
  19. Whatever dude was on I'de hate to be in his shoe's!
  20. man that guy is fucked UP.

    The cop with the light was such a dick. He's obviously mad paranoid and he's flashing lights on him asking if he wants to die. Jesus christ.

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