what the fuck are you talking about?

Discussion in 'General' started by astro_righteous, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. just a game i thought of. see how creative we all can be.

    420 was the first time i smoked in like 2 months. and now im sitting on 3 quads and am coming up with stupid shit.

    DO IT!!

    Doctor, there is a man on the phone who says
    he thinks he may have gone deaf and mute.
  2. doctor. your dealer is on the phone again:D
  3. Its another one of those pot heads asking if you write medical marijuana prescriptions.
  4. Nurse can you get kobkob on the phone so I can tell him that last one wasn't funny.
  5. im the greatest MC alive

  6. I never understood that. What does it mean?
  7. I don't know how is what were done for stop in the side of over see the trashcan.
  8. Dude you remember that time that thing happened at that person's house with that guy who was dating that girl and then they brought that stuff and then we all got high?

    That was so tits.
  9. what if it really did rain food?
  10. Then we would all have a merry christmas.
  11. you mean this christmas? (as explained by Huey)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrCoh9sQ28k]YouTube - The Boondocks - History Of Christmas[/ame]
  12. ***** you gay
  13. Doctor we have another person on the phone who microwaved their balls to get cancer and medical marijuana.
  14. I've got a car for sale.
    It doesn't have a windshield, or seats.
    This would be perfect for someone with their head up their ass

  15. $500 firm.
  16. you know when some trippy shit happens, and you go inside your mind to look for answers, but it just throws you into an infinite spiral, and when you're almost to the other side the oven timer goes off, but you're not baking anything. and you walk over to the oven and there's nothing in there, so you think it's a good idea to put some cookies in the oven but you don't have any cookies, so instead you go around knocking on doors looking for a baby donor?

    yea, that's what im talking about
  17. Sold! To the man in the red coat.

  18. Do you sometimes stare in the mirror for so long, the person on the other side looks like it's staring right back at you? Suddenly you feel scared, vulnerable, and naked. And then you realize you are vulnerable and nakeeed, and scared because you don't remember taking off your clothes. :(

  19. can i take you to a rave? we have a show comming up in june. gonna have some thick bass dub. gonna be hard to walk thru cuz the bass will knock you back so hard. itll make you wobbly.
  20. I wonder what my cat thinks when she's sitting there staring at me while im naked. I also wonder why im standing there naked infront of my cat. I also have no idea what this thread is for.

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