What the fck is this on my Dogs leg? He keeps scratching it... (serious)

Discussion in 'General' started by shadyonedeath, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. He's been having for about a 3 days and keeps scratching. It wasn't this big when he first had it.

  2. Dogs have a nasty habit of biting and gnawing on wounds. It looks like he/she's been going to town on that thing.
  3. You ever see the movie "I am Legend"?
  4. It looks like a really irritated hot spot. :/ Put some anti-itch soothing cream and neosporin on it...get onto him when he starts scratching, or it will never heal... you could get one of those cone things to put on his head to prevent that from happening.
    If it doesn't seem to get any better, take him to your vet..
  5. ^^ thanks i wrapped it.

    not cool
  6. Cool, yea just keep an eye on him & keep it clean. Don't want it to get infected.. my dog is a scratcher, too.
  7. My cat had something very similar.

    It was called a "warble". Idk, all i know is a fly laid it's egg under my cat's skin, it hatched and was gone.

    Shit was wacky.

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